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These are items that are older or dated.
Some items were removed in 2002 because they were really lame.

Female Directors and Their Movies
The Current State of the American Economy.
Helping Missionaries in Africa with Instructions on How to Replace the Starter Cord on a Lawnmower.
Famous Directors and their Famous Movies.
What Broke on your Car?.
Robot Quiz!
Where are your sex shops?
Name the Authors in this One Page Fiction Quiz!
Part Two of Name the Authors in this One Page Fiction Quiz!
Fast & Furious & Fictitious
Modern Hobo Code.
Which of These are Names of Actual Energy Drinks?
Things I figured out, main menu
Detective Challenge! 13 Parts.
Free Screensaver.
Behold! the Halloween Candy Code!
Celebrate with these 325 Firework Alternatives.
I got a copy of the Pregnancy Pact form those kids used. I also found this one, the Pact to Get Hella Wasted this Weekend.
A winner has been selected! Photo Contest - The Sneeze.
Princess Ariel Opts for Tribal Design, Rebuffs Barbie's Midriff Flower
Which Parking Lot is This?
Lower Back Tattoos Now Available at Toys R Us.
When did you get a Big Cash Windfall? What are the different types of Cash Windfall?
The Favorite Breakfast Cereals of the Presidential Candidates.
Yes! We got your gift!
Kevin Federline's Qualifications as a Parent.
Incredible Product Name! Cope!
What is the worst business to be in right now?
Bin Laden's Beard.
What do you regret missing on television?
David MacKay's Phone Charger Experiment inspired by "How Much is Inside".
The Qualifications of Ivanka Trump.
The Curse of the Sith. Auction Drama.
How was your Christmas ruined?
My big appearance on 20/20..
Detective Challenge! 13 Parts.
Nick won the 100 friends on MySpace auction!
Update! To the Missing Ipod Story.
My Internet Circuit
Gallery of eBay Curiosities Part 2.
Another pleasant shopping experience.
Closeup Insect photos.
I heard Raj Subnani and other doctors had a tough time digging pellets out of Harry Whittington. The hospital website had the best image of the procedure.
Garmin is the best! I prefer TomTom! That'sa good one too. Freja Labyrint is the best!
Your Favorite Networks!
840 perfectionists!
Celebrities always die in threes.
Underpacking. When small things come in big packages.
We Lost Our Sweet Advertising Slogan!
Single? Alone? Perhaps you should call TV Star Evangeline Lilly
Making Repairs to the Shuttle Discovery.
Rubber Bracelets now Available in Gumball Machines.
One Hundred Million Hours Wasted, A Catalogue of Link Sites.
Serena dusts off her TGIFridays menu and strikes a bit late.
The Golden Ring Diet!
TGIFridays Menu Prank Feedback.
Cavalcade of Baby Gifts!
Ranking the Top Papal Candidates.
Overturned Toyota on Fulton Avenue.

Not Everyone Loves Cockeyed.
Downtown Sacramento Makes an Announcement on the Streets.
Wedding gifts updated!
Election Results in Iraq.
Death count comparison.
Update! The Olde-Fashioned Moral Dilemma has a happy ending!
Sold Out! 28 testimonials for the 2005 Wall Calendar.
Lauren's Wireless Router.
A pie chart of the free things from the short survey.
Photos from Nigeria
Old! Photos from Troy
colorized $20 bills
Returning this wallet of music CDs to their owner.
Sobig Worm description.
Sacramento Gasoline Connoisseurs
California Quarter
copy and paste
State Fair construction
BART garbage can
fake x-10 ad
personal questions
lovely people
carry-on luggage
360 photos
critics rave
free milk night
Sacramento J Street
razor blades

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