I'm much more likely to reference an ebay auction than a summer blockbuster, but in the case of Troy, I have some personal experience and photos I'd like to share.

In December of 2001, I took a tour through the western part of Turkey, including stops in Pamukkale, Gallipoli, Istanbul and Troy.

Troy was interesting. Nine different cities were built here over the centuries, one after another.
Besides being somewhere ancient. Troy isn't a spectacular site.

Artifacts from Troy made their way into museums in Istanbul and around the world.

Ancient stone and blocks.
This was really, really cold.

I'd never thought of Turkey as being anything but hot and humid, but this day was ice cold and the wind was blowing hard.

I was the only guest of the tour guide, and I was tempted to call off the tour and hide in a big wooden horse.

This map showed different city walls of Troy in different colors, one city built up on the ruins of the city before it.

The amphitheatre.
And the requisite wooden horse at the front.

Turkey is full of incredible ancient sites, such as Termessos, Efes, Aspendos, Cappadocia and of course, Istanbul. I encourage anyone interested in ancient history to consider Turkey for their next travel destination.

Bulgaria & Turkey travel journal from 2001.

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May 16, 2004.  

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