My name is Rob Cockerham. I build stuff that isn't particularly valuable, except for in the lessons I learn while I'm building them. Please select one of the images below and read the inspiring stories behind the Incredible Stuff I Made.

Disneyland Costume

A costume of the entire Disneyland Map

Patio Cover Canopy

The fabric canopy from a backyard shade structure

Patio Umbrella Canopy

Replacing the fabric on a Patio Umbrella

Spinning Tornado Costume

Spinning Tornado costume

Scott's AT-ST Costume Build

An AT-ST Walker from Return of the Jedi

Balloon Hut

Hanging party attraction

No Costume 2011

But I'll still compete

QR Code Costume

Giant QR Code costume

Feather Pinwheel

Building a pinwheel from natural materials

Paparazzi Costume #2

Molding photographers heads and a dozen flashing cameras