Solid Ice Beer Caddy

A beer-bottle holder or serving tray molded in ice.

Greg's Whiplash Costume

From Iron Man 2 movie

Lloyd Dobbler Costume

John Cusack's boombox-carrying character from Say Anything

The Best Costume Builds on the Net

The Best Costumes and Build logs on the Internet

The Money You Could be Saving with Gieco Costume

Stack of Money with eyes Costume Build

Scott's Tauntaun Costume Build

Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun Costume

Urban Garden

Clearing soil and preparing an urban garden in discarded planter urns

Kindling Wooden Reading Device

A laser-cut wooden Kindle

Fiber Optics from Household Items

An attempt to make fiber optic cables from fishing line and other items

The Fireworks Cyclone

Trying to make fireworks more enjoyable by placing them into a spinning column of air

Fire from a Coke Can

Trying to make fire from the polished bottom of a soda can.

Box of See's Candy Costume

Eight-foot See's Candy Halloween Costume

Dwight Shrute Bobblehead Costume

Giant Bobblehead Costume

The Light Sharpener

12 foot parabolic dish covered in 800 mirrors and pointed at the sun

American Idol Judges Costume

Randy, Paula and Simon judges costume

Sudoku Costume

Giant Sudoku Game Costume

Infinite Candelabra

Making an infinite field of tea candles with mirrors

Hospital Childbirth

Well, I helped a little.

Solar Parabola

Trying to boil water with an array of mirrors focusing the sun

Hero's Engine

Transforming heat to motion with the simplest mechanism possible.

Devo Hats

Making Devo Hats for Nick's Guitar Hero Party.

Fandango Paper Bag Hand Puppet Costume

Giant Paper Bag hand puppet costume.

Doctor Octopus Costume

Doctor Octopus and Spiderman costume