Introducing Kindling, the Wireless Wooden Reading Device!

Introducing Kindling, the Wireless Wooden Reading Device!

Obsessed with the notion of creating a wooden Kindle, I contacted my friend Windell at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. He has experience with and access to a laser cutter. He agreed to help.


The next step was to get a high-res photo. Thanks to Alicia, that was a piece of cake.

After I traced the photo in Inkscape, Windell guided me through the process of preparing the file so that it was fit for laser cutting.

Right away I realized that Windell was not going to settle for an imperfect rendering of a Kindle. We massaged the file.

Finally, on Thursday night I got a text message:


The Kindling arrived in the mail today and it looks awesome!

I have to say, I'm sold on laser cutting!




Special thanks to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories! Fun, original build demonstrations and kits!

Archive copy of Count of Monte Cristo Kindling on Ebay.




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