Feather Pinwheel

Feather Pinwheel

A bird's feather has a distinct aerodynamic shape. I mean, I think it's aerodynamic.

Last month I was inspired by a bird's feather in the passenger seat of my car to construct a pinwheel out of feathers. Out on a hike with my kids, I challenged them to find five more bird feathers.

We collected almost exactly that number, a handful of feathers on the ground.

I didn't think the pinwheel would harness much power, so I tried to make a bearing that was low friction.

I hot glued the first feather to a short section of drinking straw.

The rest of the feathers followed. I set them perpendicular to the axis with a slight attack angle.

The wheel of feathers was extremely lightweight. I slid the straw onto a wooden skewer and added a steel nut to minimize the friction on the rotating straw.

Hot glue held it to another skewer post.

It worked like a charm! Outside it spun with the slightest breeze, and the kids took turns running through the house, watching it spin as the air rushed past.

The feather pinwheel is a really nice addition to my collection of authentic hemp dream catchers..at least it was until a stray cat hopped the fence and ate it.

Now, should I try building one out of eagle feathers, or should I try using butterfly wings?

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