Robert Cockerham's Personal Dossier

Hi. I am Rob. I made this site with my friends' help. I think it is coming along pretty damn well.

I am the third of five children in the Cockerham family.

My interests include: Styrofoam sculpture, paper cuts, bicycling, law, economics, design, photography, advertising, pranks and orienteering.

I attended high school in Sacramento, CA and graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 with a B.A. I now live in midtown Sacramento.

I did work at an internet startup called iConvention as a graphic designer for the tech side, but I got laid off in September. If you think it would be fun to work with me, drop me a line.

I feel my strongest traits are 1) my overall knowledge of material handling and properties, 2) an unnatural ability to complete projects and 3) a good sense of humor through good times and hard times.

If you liked any of this stuff, or have valuable suggestions, project proposals or lawsuits pending against me, please email me at

Each e-mail I receive is like a fresh flower, so please write...others have!

At the end of February, 2001, Holly Forman asked if she could send me some questions. She sent 300.


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