Holly Forman tried to annoy me with some questions. It worked.
Here are the fruits of her labor for you to enjoy:
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The First Set was easy

The First set of Questions

from Feb 27, 2001

1. What is your Chinese Zodiac?
Cock, of course

2. Where is your butter?
In the icebox

3. What is the best Lucky Charms marshmallow?
Green Clover, my birthday is the day after St. Patrick's day, so that follows

4. Devo?

5. What was your gross income for 2000?
Oh, that is a secret, but I must brag that I am a MULTI-THOUSANDAIRE!

6. Dog or Cat?
CAT, but not by much

7. Hotel or Motel?

Uh, more like hostel

8. Why do all people like blue?

It is the easiest on the eyes, it takes the least calories to view blue things...even less effort than black

9. Pie or cake?
Pie, but not by much

10. How much is your rent?

$250/month. But consider I have two roommates

11. Why won't Randy give me a new computer?

Why in the hell do you need a new computer? Your current one is less than two years old!

12. Where do you buy groceries?
At the Auto-parts store, NO WAIT, Grocery Store called Safeway

13. Sushi?


14. Name of your high school sweetheart?


15. Who was the last person to give you the finger?
I don't know

16. Toronto or Montreal?

I don't know

17. Morrissey?

18. What are you eating?

Fish Steak Sandwich

19. Last thing you did with a relative?

Flashlight party on Saturday with my brother and two sisters

20. Who let the dogs out?

I HOPE this song was playing in the background or something!

21. Why did I ask #20?
To watch me cringe

22. Best science?
Physics.. Sociology is pretty cool too, but has poor PR

23. What is the one thing people say about you the most?

"you have way too much time on your hands"

24. 19 or 20?
Gosh, must have been 23

25. What do you watch on TV?

I like that show "the mole"

26. Sweet or Salty?


27. How do you feel about paper clips?


28. Who do you have a picture of on your desk?

Yes, one at the 80s prom party with my sibs, one of me and Colleen, one from the Christmas party at Cable & Wireless with 9 sexy co-workers

29. Children?


30. Do you eat breakfast?

No. I drink coffee

31. Drink of choice?


32. Middle name?


33. Middle child?

34. Inseam?

Uh, 32 does that sound right?

35. Funniest comic?
Maybe Tom Green

36. Why do you look like Mean Dave?
We have the same plastic surgeon

37. Are you 32?
Not yet!

38. What movie should I rent?

39. Accounting will pay for my eyeglasses, right?
Sure, but you have to get better at it and then find an accounting job

40. What do you quote the most?

"imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"

41. What was the last book you read?
Oh, a gripping one about PHP & mySQL. I was also reading one on the French revolution, but I think that one is done for because I haven't picked it up in weeks

42. Is it warm there?
Yeah, nice. The sun is out. Good for sweater, but no jacket needed

43. Friday or Saturday?


44. Are you scared yet?

ha ha, no

45. Do you bite your fingernails?


46. How old are the shoes you're wearing?

Jesus, 2 years?

47. Can you speak Swedish?
Yeah, NO WAIT, no

48. Do you drink coffee with cream?


49. Do you smoke?
No. but all my siblings do, it has been called the "curse of the Cockerhams"

50. Where is Ed going?
He has to see a guy upstairs about something

The Second Set was straightforward

The Second set of Fifty Questions

1. What is your keychain?
A flat chrome wad. I am drawn to shiny things

2. Chocolate milk?

3. Uptown or downtown?

4. Girl friend or girlfriend?
Girlfriend. The aforementioned Colleen     editor's note: bonk!

5. What was your last dental work?
I had a cap re-cemented! Talk about being old! The damn thing was only 2 years old!

6. Have you ever broken a bone?
Nope, but I have a black eye!

7. How long can you sustain a goldfish?
4 months

8. Steve Martin or Bill Murray?
Bill Murray

9. What is in your car, tape player or CD player?
CD player, with this faceplate that comes off in theory

10. Do you like your job?

Yes. I feel vital to the operation of the company and I get to make stuff

11. How are you doing today?

Great! Well, I have a little cough, and the black eye, but besides that, great!

12. What article of clothing do you wear and everyone hates?
These flesh-colored socks

13. Are you a good liar?
I try, but I know so many good ones, I think maybe I pale in comparison

14. What was the last thing you bought at (Target?
)<--do you have those?
polaroid film (yes)

15. Bikini or one piece?
Yeah. this is a "do you have a great body" question for women

16. Hair: long or short?

I have short, prefer short on others

17. Last time you got flowers sent to you?

Last year on my birthday

18. Are you 30?
sometimes this means "are you over 30", to which I answer yes

19. Can you roll your tongue?

Yeah, I can roll it and I can make an M

20. Have you ironed anything lately?
Yeah, these green pants, but not today

21. Who is your emergency contact?

My dad

22. Can I call your emergency contact?

In an emergency

23. What color is your couch?

kind of a straw plaid, how did you know I have a couch?

24. Are you a Marxist?
This was your weakest question just because there is exactly one funny answer

25. Who is your best friend?

Ken or maybe Rob Jordan

26. Worst song you heard on the radio?

27. Getting tired?

Must be the glare

28. What do you think of me?
I can tell you are clever, so now I am interested in whether you are cute or not. and NOW I am interested if you are insulted or not

29. What color is my hair?

brown, but I wish it were black

30. Beatles?

The first album I ever bought was a beatles anthology, but I have lost interest since then

31. Mac or PC?
PC. I won an Imac last year and I sold it. Mac owners give and give and give love, and in return they get nada! How long can Apple sustain this? I noticed that your mail server at work is MAC! How weird is that. Neat!

32. Haim or Feldman?

33. Did you wash your hands?
I WOULD HAVE if there were towels!

34. Oven mit or potholder?
oven mitt...is this some kind of secret mystery query, because if it is over 420° degrees I use a potholder

35. What color is your shirt?


36. 10-key?

37. Love?

That means zero in tennis...but I don't play tennis

38. Have you ever been to Minnesota?
No, are there bears there?

39. Best chess piece? Knight

40. How big is your bed?

41. Why do I hate Johnston and Murphy?
I love their early-morning talk-show radio antics!! I don't know who that is

42. Soup?

43. Where do you want to be right now?
at a friend's house, any friend's house

44. Best cartoon?
ren & stimpy? Simpsons, maybe

45. Have you ever seen "After Hours"?
Nope, is that a movie?    editors note: this data is no longer valid

46. How do you feel about houndstooth?
I was infatuated for a brief time in 1989

47. wpm?

48. Stripes or polka-dots?

49. Did you cut your own hair?
Did you just wake up?

50. Origami?
see question 46

The Third Set came faster than I expected

The Third set of Fifty Questions

1. Lenin or Stalin?
Lenin. He wasn't as mean

2. Are you even a little annoyed yet?
No, I feel bad for using you to write my whole FAQ for cockeyed.com

3. Should Mike move in this summer?
He should move in if you have been going out for more than 6 months, or if you have never gone out & you don't like him in that way

4. Desert island: Food or company?

5. Hot or cold?

6. What is the fist thing you do every morning?
Ha ha, buy the film like everybody else!

7. Did you forget to lock your car?
no, I left the window down...is that in the same category?

8. Check or cash?

9. How old is your wallet?
4 years, I think. I stopped losing my keys and wallet about 5 years ago

10. Mass transit?

Experienced, but not going steady. Once in 1995 I rode the subway in New York and Bay Area's BART in the same day
I like to brag that I rode the city rails in Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome & Athens in 1999.

11. Does your bathroom have a color scheme?
We have an old clawfoot tub that some genius painted the underside of blue... and one of the bathmats is blue. But I would have to say no

12. What is the best tasting m+m color?


13. Which goes first, zip or button?
It depends if I am dressing or undressing

14. How much water do you drink in a day?

I drink about a gallon and a half of fluids a day, I would guess... mostly water, but some sugar and flavoring

15. What is Pascal's Wage?
    editor's note: Pascal's wager is that it is better to believe in God, because if you do believe in God & he exists, then you might go to heaven, if you don't believe in God & he doesn't exist, nothing happens, if you do believe in God & he doesn't exist then nothing happens, but if you don't believe in God & he does exist, you are in trouble.
I would have to ask jeeves

16. French?

yeah. studied the language for about 3 years. Helped in France & Morocco. It actually took me a long time to figure out that while Italian, French and Spanish are romantic languages, English is not

17. Moon or Sun?


18. What time is your lunch break?

12 pm, PST

19. I work 9am to 6pm. Is that ridiculous?
nope, that is 8 hours with an unpaid one-hour lunch. Sucks to start so late though

20. Best rat pack member?

Dean Martin

21. Coyote Ugly or Bring it On?
I haven't seen either, but I am thinking Bring it on

22. Do you know who Julie Christie is?

Agatha's sister?

23. Best vegetable?

24. Kink?
Maybe when we know each other better

25. Goth?

No. There used to be exactly one acceptable dance venue in Sacramento, where I got my fill of goth. There is a club in SF called Dark Sparkle that I think deserves a look and a laugh

26. Are you polite?

A little. I am not good with the holding-doors open thing though

27. Best year of school?
Senior year at University I guess

28. Do you believe in ghosts?


29. Fishing?

Uh, I caught a fish one time when I was 10. That was neat, but then it died, and I just felt bad, so I am over it. It is kind of like how BB guns are neat until you kill a squirrel and explosives are neat until you kill a busload of Oregonians

30. What is business casual, really?

Oh that is easy. Brown or Black Leather shoes, no white socks, shirts with buttons or sweaters, and no jeans or shorts. If you need more help, you can check out the mannequins in the lobby. see www.iworkfornazis.com.
31. Corndogs?
Yes. Viva food that only takes one hand! I am in the midst of trying vegetarian for the first time in my life though, so they may fall by the wayside

32. Tattoos?

I can't make that kind of commitment

33. Shoe size?


34. Bike couriers?
I have a theory: all bike couriers smoke pot.     editor's note: this was disproven

35. Do you wish you had a black car?

That would be cool. Yes. A black car is the opposite of a mini-van

36. Scabs?

Yeah, on my eyebrow above the black eye

37. Can you tell I'm running out of ideas?

Have you put the whole office to work? I am really glad you didn't ask what my sign is

38. Dilbert?

A little

39. Tinted Glasses?

I find them to be attractive on otherwise attractive people, and hideous on otherwise hideous people. They are like a magnifier of physical presence

40. Chocolate or vanilla?


41. How often do you wash your hair?
Once every two days, and within 15 minutes of a haircut

42. How many rings before you answer the phone?

As few as possible, which seems to be three. You know, unless I was busy in bed, then I would have to be crazy to answer the phone!

43. Jogging?
No, I am a bicyclist. It seems like everyone that jogs messes up their knees

44. Simpsons?


45. Lou Reed?

Yes, but not as yes as the Simpsons

46. How many nights a week do you eat pizza?

one. A friend of mine, Maurice, had this theory that you do not get tired of pizza because it typically fulfills all 4 food groups, bread, dairy, vegetables and meats

47. Can you juggle?

yes. good question!

48. Do you cry?
yes. At sad times and sometimes at really patriotic moments, which is even more embarrassing

49. Do you know what "hotdish" is?

not unless that is on the cafeteria menu or a 1940s movie poster

50. Am I getting an iMac?
I don't have any sage predictions for you on this

The Fourth Set showed me Holly's determination

The Fourth set of Fifty Questions

1. Elvis Costello?
No. I think every man can only choose one Elvis

2. Ever seen bread in a can?

Just croutons

3. Do you use styling products in your hair?
does mustard count?

4. Do you think someone named Hank Die wears cowboy boots?

5. Last time you called in sick, were you faking it?

not exactly

6. Your catch phrase?
Rob Cockerham, to make life more interesting

7. Ever heard of Rob Hawkins?

8. Pink?

No, I am just barely comfortable with red!

9. Best muppet?

10. Best snack?
pringles, available everywhere on earth

11. Science or religion?
Religion until 18, then science

12. Salad dressing of choice?

13. Independent or codependent?

14. Football?
Basketball. Sports is about sharing an experience. Sometimes it is so meaningless, and other times I am quite interested. I guess you get out of it what you put into it

15. Science fair?

I'm not sure I have even BEEN to a Science fair, which I am realizing means I got gyped

16. Worst disease?

Down syndrome is pretty bad. I guess leprosy. Aids is fatal, but it seems like you would have decent emotional support until you kicked off

17. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke. I don't mind pepsi though

18. How did you get a black eye?

Kicking some sharps out of my house on Saturday. That was the night of the flashlight party & was not at all happy about anyone being in my house who wasn't my close friend of mine. They didn't want to leave, and it was turning into a shouting match, so I put some lightbulbs back in their sockets. I got back into the hall to see one of them grappling with my roommate & tried to separate them. Then sharp #2 punched my head from the side. I moved quickly out of the way, but he nailed me a couple more times. Fucking punks. Eventually the party rose up against them and they backed out. They also broke the downstairs neighbor's window, which cost me and my roomates $84

19. What do you think my job title is?

Product Auditor

20. Best ice cream?
Rocky Road

21. Does your phone have a cord?
It is cordless

22. Best swear word?

I love to hear clusterfuck used in the proper context

23. Did Nancy order lunch for me, too?

24. When was your last oil change?

I think August. I guess I am due

25. How do you feel about retail workers?

They tend to work hard, but not as hard as cafe workers. Also, I wish I knew who was paid on commission or who was trying to win a contest when I am in there asking if this hat looks good on me

26. Are you a slob?

Sometimes I have 4-5 shirts sitting on my couch or bed because they aren't dirty enough for the hamper & not clean enough for the closet

27. Allergies?

I used to be allergic to grass, but not anymore

28. How many credit cards do you have?

One debit-based and one visa that I use actively. One M/C, discover & a few retailers in the desk

29. Are you subversive?


30. Do you have neat handwriting?

No. my printing can be nice because I studied drafting for awhile

31. Boats?
Boats are a little boring

32. Malt or milkshake?


33. Should I tape it shut for you?
No, I'll just tell you that I want room for cream so you will leave plenty of room...then I will only put sugar in it

34. Most annoying noise?

Beeping timers at fast-food that the staff ignores

35. Do you have 20/20 vision?


36. Mall of America?
Malls are a great place for a prank, because they get so much exposure there

37. Best coworker?

mmm, Jason, I think

38. When is accounting going to learn?

they only know what they are told

39. Shower or bath?

Uh, I'd give that about a 19-1 split

40. Does size matter?

yeah, but not as much as deodorant

41. Scones?

The secret is to use buttermilk and lots of fruit

42. Count Duckula or Danger Mouse?

Danger Mouse

43. What time is it right now?
2:45pm PST

44. Can you use Excel?
Yeah, I am quite good. I got to use concatenate in a sentence the other day because of it

45. Purple?

See question 8

46. Do you like strawberries?
Yeah..doesn't everyone?

47. How do you face society with a black eye?
Boldly. People are avoiding looking at my face however

48. What do you think of me now?

I am impressed.. curious too

49. Ever been to Norway?

Nope, got as far north as Scotland

50. Did you vote for Nader?
No, I thought Gore needed me

The Fifth Set felt like homework, important, but less than fun.

The Fifth set of Fifty Questions

1. Flying?
Yeah, I love it. It is quite a rush. I wish they had a few more cameras mounted on the outside of the planes so you could have a better view of the takeoff and landing

2. Do you look good in hats?

I don't think so, I find them uncomfortable, so I don't usually leave them on very long

3. Meetings?

No meeting needs to be longer than an hour. I hate being in a room talking about all the work that needs to get done

4. What does, "We need to talk" mean?

variously "I am breaking up with you" or "you are going to be fired if you keep this up"

5. Do you use the postage machine at work?

6. Are you ergonomically correct?

I lean toward the monitor too much, & my desk at home is too high

7. Grape flavor?

Yeah, My brother Mike was allergic to grape growing up, so now I get to have it & sometimes I do. I guess when I feel compelled to buy cheap store-brand soda, I can pretty much count on their cola tasting terrible, so I get grape

8. Beavis or Butthead?


9. Can you dance?

Yes. Sometimes I even move my hips!

10. Do you have more guys friends than girl friends?
Yes, but it isn't an overwhelming majority

11. Do you read your horoscope?
no, Pisces is always last, and I usually get the feeling that the writer is running out of gas by the time he gets to mine. Plus I don't believe in that crap

12. Do you find yourself getting dumped for the same reason every time?

Uh, I have found it hard to discover the reason at all

13. Poetry?


14. Video games?

uh, computer games to be specific. I had a playstation, but it just collected dust

15. When are you going to grow up?

I need to find a woman I want to marry, which will lead to a house & kids OR some horrible tragedy will strike & will be shaken into adulthood

16. Uphill from here or downhill from here?

Neither one sounds good! Uphill sounds like a lot of work, and downhill sounds like failing health! I guess "skyrocketing fame and fortune" describes it best

17. What are you doing for your birthday?

Helicopters, cocaine and prostitutes, same as every year

18. Should I go to California?

Are you liberal & tolerant? Then yes, you should

19. Contact cement or liquid nails?

liquid nails

20. Last time you were really upset?

I got screwed out of some web-design money that a guy owes me because of a third-party ass-face named Kenji Otto. This guy got paid a couple of grand to "facilitate" the construction of a website, and I got zip for actually designing and building the thing. Kenji Otto, what a scourge on society.

21. Can I mail you something?
Sure! XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX. Sacramento, CA, 95816

22. Where the hell is Brian?
finding parking

23. Best feature?

24. Soy milk?

25. Earthquakes?

They are kind of fun unless someone you know dies or they raise sales taxes. Most disasters bring out the community spirit that you don't see every day

26. Do you have a theme?

yeah, I think so, but I am probably not the best person to ask what it is

27. Double joints?


28. Best place to take a date?

Tapas restaurant

29. What's worse: Papercut or hangnail?
Hangnail is worse, a papercut goes away in like 4 hours

30. Pente?


31. DC or Marvel?


32. Why does my phone smell like play-dough?

It was made in a Chinese Fun Factory

33. Flour and water or paper mache mix?

Flour and water. I can never find the same packaged paper-mache mix twice

34. Favorite music?

Brit pop, like Pulp & Dandy Warhols. Also Magnetic Fields

35. Best Kubrick film?

Clockwork Orange

36. Kevin Smith?
Yeah. Chasing Amy

37. Best thing about being male?

You can travel by yourself without worrying everyone

38. Worst thing about being male?

You are expected to be brave even when brave equals stupid

39. Mozart?

No. Did you know that Mozart composed for the glass harp, an instrument invented by Ben Franklin?

40. Have you ever placed a personal ad, not as a joke?

41. Have you ever answered a personal ad, not as a joke?

Yeah. Although there was a lot of humor value to it

42. Why are all the guys in the suite next door below avg. height?

The hiring supervisor there doesn't like to work with anyone taller than him

43. Have you ever gone to work on a Saturday, thinking it was Friday?


44. Cheese?

Brie, provolone

45. Pager, Cellphones?
No. a pager is obsolete & a cellphone would still be a luxury for me. I won a cellphone in the paparazzi contest, with a $300 service credit, and I was pretty excited to get it, but then it was only available with a bay area phone number, so I gave it to RJ instead

46. You're 2 hours behind CST, right?


47. Can you sing?

No, but I still try, especially Blondie and Pulp

48. Where is the Schwan's Meeting?
In the "pit"

49. Dayquil or Nyquil?
No. I love aspirin, but I almost never buy other medicine

50. Vegan?

No. To become vegan you have to concentrate too hard on eating. and when it comes to eating, I am very lazy

The sixth set? WTF? I said uncle already!

The Sixth set of Fifty Questions

1. Catholic?
Yeah, raised, but I ignore all the rules and don't go to church

2. Do you have sensitive teeth?


3. Last dream you remember?

I had this dream where people were not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Plus there was a monorail going right through town!

4. What toppings do you like on your pizza?
olives & artichoke hearts

5. How much gasoline do you use per week?
just a few handfuls. A lot of your questions have asked about my car. Yes, I have a car, no, it isn't anything special

6. Will you pick me up at the airport?

Do you have a place to stay?

7. When do you do your laundry?
Sunday Morning

8. Fast food?

I used to go to Carl's jr. quite a bit, despite their awful marketing, but I am shying away from meat now

9. Eggs?


10. What is the most thoughtful gift you've gotten lately?

A hand-made heart-shaped light from my gf     editor's note: bonk!

11. Can you grow facial hair?

Can't stop! But I shave all the time

12. Is this going to be on your webpage?

Yep. Most sites have a "frequently asked questions", but some guy in marketing made up those questions in the first place.. like "Q: do you have other colors available? A: Yes! all our wigs are available in Taupe and Periwinkle." I think I will post these as my site's "AQ"

13. I like the band "Archers of Loaf". Is there something wrong with me?

You spelled "restaurant" wrong

14. What are you dong tonight?

That is weird. You said dong. Just the other day I got an email from ambur with the same typo:

--Hey Rob,
--How are you? How is your eye?
--What are you dong this weekend. Tonight there is a puppet show at the "Stupid but True Love" Café. Does this sound interesting? I know, not really
--I have already had two people over looking at my computer and they can't figure out my jpg. Problem

to which I replied "huh huh huh huh, you said dong."

15. Musicals?
Sound of music doesn't suck, and I like Willy Wonka quite a bit. Sometimes I sit around wishing life was more like a musical, where people bust out in song, and sometimes I do something about it

16. Are you left handed?

No. I bet you are!

17. Straight Edge?
No, I drink

18. Tangerines?

Hell yeah, this is California

19. Is it wrong to be excited about 40 degree weather?

No. weather is one of only a few things that is on the news everyday. If you are excited about that, you have a long happy life ahead of you

20. Horror movies?

John Carpenter's THE THING, and any Vampire movie

21. Which sibling?

Oh, each one has advantages and disadvantages. maybe XXXXXX

22. Frisbee?


23. Guilty pleasure?
Giant cokes & Computer games

24. Magazine?
Every once in a while I find myself mesmerised by television or a magazine.

25. Last crisis?
My passport was stolen in Costa Rica a couple of days before I was supposed to leave

26. Last thing you laughed at?

A website: Britney Spears' guide to Particle Physics

27. Do you want to live alone?

Nope. Sounds boring and expensive. Does this mean I am the bad roommate?

28. When is your next vacation?
I think before summer. I hear tickets to Germany are only $440 right now

29. Could I survive San Francisco?

Are you flexible and resourceful?
It is very, very difficult to find an apartment. Like impossible. Stacy searched for 3 months, living in her co-worker's place for that time. Now she splits a little $1000 studio with Mark. They literally don't know what they would do if they lost that apartment. Elise lives with Steven in a $650 studio that is competing for the title of the "smallest apartment in the world"

30. Best beat poet?

uh, Lawrence Ferlingetti?

31. What is really over rated about you?
People may have an overblown impression of how fun I am to hang out with

32. Have you ever had a fake ID?

Yeah. I forget his name now. Quite handy. What a shame that people are moved to commit fraud in search of easy access to liquor & dancing

33. Tylenol or Advil?

No preference

34. Should I get a cat?
Can you clean out the cat box every single day?

35. What should I name a cat?
Whatever springs to mind but isn't cliche. No cartoon characters or dictators. How about Ampersand?

36. Where is Turlock, CA in relation to you?
About 100 miles south

37. Last time you saw snow?

I saw a hunk at the gas station that musta fell off a truck or something yesterday. Also, I went sledding about 6 weeks ago. Snow falls about an hour-and-a-half from here

38. Do you think I sound like someone in "Fargo"?

No, do you?

39. Why am I always the last to know about stuff?
They figure you already know OR because you make life unpleasant for the people that do

40. How tall are you?

41. Where will you be in 10 years?
In a bigger city

42. How do you feel about getting lost?

When I was 6 years old, I was lost in the woods overnight with 3 of my siblings: Mike, age 8, Christina, age 7, and Sue, age 4. We slept on the side of a forest road & were found the next morning. I don't really fear it now, although once in a while it hits you...like in Blair Witch Project, where they walk all day long and wind up at the same place they started...that broke my heart, because I was there with them
Oh, or are you talking about driving around San Jose looking for the fucking freeway onramp kind of lost?

43. Peanut Butter or Jelly?
Peanut butter

44. Have I asked you anything 2wice?

Not exactly, although you asked me what my theme was, and what my motto was, and what my catch phrase was

45. Packaging?

very very important for sales, but so wasteful when it comes to conservation. (I am speaking of lunchables) It will be interesting to watch how environmentalist vs. marketing plays out in the next 10 years in California

46. Do you have a lisp?

Yeah, it is extremely faggy

47. Theme parks?

I like thrill rides. Disneyland is the only one I have seen that has any kind of decent atmosphere, so it remains the best

48. Are you easily annoyed?

Yeah, and sometimes I freak out, but in a fairly harmless way

49. Die Hard?

Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho

50. Are you sad that this is the last "50 Questions" Installment?

Yes... wait! No!

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