Pulling pranks is one of my absolute favorite activities.

My favorite type of prank involves making a fake version of something.. a traffic sign, an ad or a page from a menu, and replacing the real one with my phony version. The newest pranks are listed on the top, with older stunts below. With help from Cockeyed readers, I've been able to pull a few long-distance pranks and some multi-helper local stunts.

Gun show prank Gun Show

Adding some outrigger signs to improve the visibility of Gun Show signs in Sacramento

Prank Calling the Entire Roseville Galleria

I ask a theatre of people to prank call every store in an entire mall at the same time

 prank Locked Bike

Act 3 of the Hargrave Prank War - Locking a hideous bike outside John's house in Boston.

 prank Flowers from His Lover

Act 2 of the Hargrave Prank War - Arranging a Bogus Flower Delivery.

 prank Pizza Ride

Act 1 of the Hargrave Prank War - Driving me to a bogus pizza pickup.

 prank We Buy any House Prank

Modifying Real Estate Bandit signs.

 prank Open Soon

Posting Open Soon Flyers for Surprising New Businesses in town.

 prank Apple Prank

Inventing a Farmer's Market Sign for the Apple Store

 prank Something on Top of Your Car

How to Create the "Something on Top of Your Car" Illusion

Sams Club prank Sam's Club Prank

Creating and Posting Fake Product Signs on the shelf at Sam's Club.

 prank How to Make Pasta Prank

How to Create the "Haunted Pasta" Illusion

 prank Dancing Pickle Sign

Erecting a fake sign which formally bans Dancing Pickles

 prank Roseville Mall Time Machine

Installing a broken time machine at the Roseville shopping mall.

 prank Drive Thru Memorials

Creating a Drive-Thru Memorials to commemorate fallen Fast Food Icons.

 prank Fake Job Applications

Replacing the pad of job applications at fast food restaurants.

 prank Fake Roadkill

Creating an epidemic of fake roadkill on county roads.

 prank Garden Sheds at Home Depot

Giving Garden Sheds some ridiculous Marketing Slogans

 prank IKEA Living

Installing some tiny furniture showcases in Ikea.

 prank IKEA Dinner Party

Hosting a Dinner Party for twenty in Ikea.

 prank Super Bowl Prank

Travel to Miami to help John Hargrave pull an elaborate prank in the stands at Super Bowl XLI.

 prank CFL Bandit

Mysterious figure replaces Incandescent Bulbs in Public places

 prank Dwarf Limes

Creating a phony tag on a neighborhood fruit sapling.

 prank Paparazzi Contest

Fabricating my own celebrity sighting mob at a local mall.

 prank NASCAR Drive-thru

Transforming a fast-food drive-thru into an unauthorized 10-lap auto race.

 prank Caution: Ant

Constructing an unlikely danger zone in a neighborhood park.

 prank TGIFriday's Menu Swap

Creating and Installing phony menu pages at a popular chain restaurant.

 prank Starbucks Chairs

Installing some mis-identified folding chairs on a streetcorner in san Francisco.

 prank Arden Mall Ashtrays

Installing some unlikely ashtrays in an indoor shopping mall.

 prank Frozen Shaving Cream

Researching the real-world potential of "Frozen Shaving Cream Bombs"

 prank Buy 2 get 1 Free

Luring customers with an incomprehensible sale sign.

 prank Public Service Announcement

Installing a fake billboard to discourage calls while driving.

 prank Historical Plaque

Creating a fake historical plaque for a San Francisco "landmark".

 prank Menu Board

Expanding the dessert menu at McDonalds drive-thrus.

 prank Chad Bikes America

Photographing the phony adventures of Google's favorite bicycling employee.

 prank Image-stealing Imposter

Punishing direct-linkers with a surprising image swap.

 prank A Brand New Car

Parading myself as the winner of your mall's automotive give-away.

 prank Coffee Lid Sign

Sexing up local "hot coffee" cafe warning signs.

 prank Volunteer Sculpture

Erecting an unexpected volunteer sculpture at my university.

 prank New Mall Sculpture

Adding my own sculpture to a mall food court sign

 prank Amazing New Printers

Cooking up some fake sample printouts for the computer store display.

 prank Ultimate Shopper

Cloning my Safeway Club Card to become the greatest shopper on earth.