How to Make Pasta Prank

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This was a prank/experiment CROSSOVER!

The other day, while boiling some pasta, I was fighting a mass of foam from the top of the pot.

"Why can't they make pasta that doesn't create a frothy head of bubbles?" I wondered.


But then I had a funny thought. Maybe I could make a box of pasta with SUPER foam!

If I could create a super foamy pasta recipe, people could brew it up at home then sneak it into their friends' pantries. That might be an excellent prank!

All I'd have to do is get some spaghetti and add some soap.

Generally, adding soap to food is a terrible idea, because someone might accidentally eat it.

However, because dried pasta is almost never eaten raw, I thought I could get around the digestive safety issue. Once the boiling pasta was gushing foam like a can of Edge Gel, the deception would be revealed and the pasta would get thrown out .

In a shallow baking pan, I added about a cup of liquid dish soap to a pound of spaghetti.

I spread out the noodles and let the soapy spaghetti dry in the sun.

About 448 pieces of spaghetti, according to how much is inside spaghetti?

But something unexpected happened. As it dried, the spaghetti warped!

I tried to limit the warpage by rotating the noodles. The finished product was a little less curvy, but there was no way this spaghetti haystack was going to fit back into the box.

I needed a different pasta. Something that could hold soap with a lot of surface area, but with a shape more able to withstand the drying process.

But, before I figured that out, I was dying to find out if this super-foamy pasta was going to work.

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June 26, 2009.
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