Paparazzi Contest

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The premise for the paparazzi contest was simple: Create a scene simulating a celebrity sighting, with as many photographers as possible.

To encourage participation, I offered prizes, the top prize being $100, for the "most tabloid-worthy" photo, with some T-shirts. I also promised to use one of the photos in the 2007 Wall Calendar.

The event was part manhunt, because none of the photographers knew where we would be. Arden Mall is two-stories, with five anchor stores. The place is big. Whichever photographer found us first could keep this advantage by taking their first photos in a covert manner. The more flashes, the easier we would be to find.

Complicating the procedure was an unwritten mall rule that photographs are not allowed. My understanding of this prohibition centers on preventing clones of designer products and the gathering of photos in support of lawsuits. I assumed this meant that photos would be harder to take within the actual stores. Photography in the open mall would probably be tolerated.

Stacy, June and I prepared for the day by planning a few purchases before the 2:30pm start time: Coffee and Packages. We wanted a few shopping bags, and the star-requisite cup of Starbucks. 

We arrived early, at 1:30 pm. I was nervous. I had only heard from two or three people who had actually planned to be there. It was like throwing any party, concerns loomed: Maybe no one will show up, maybe no one will have fun, maybe something will get broken.

Time would tell. 

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August 22, 2006.

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