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One-by-one, as Stacy, June and I walked, photographers would pop their heads around the corner of each support column and snap a photo.

It was hilarious and thrilling.

We were headed toward the classiest store in the mall: Nordstrom. As we got closer to the store's entrance, we gained speed. We went immediately toward the elevators, and arrived to  find the elevator ready to depart. We squeezed inside, but AGAIN, the paparazzi barged in.

The elevator doors opened to yet another photographer.  We got a lot of attention on the way  out. The open entryway of Nordstrom is well-suited to shenanigans.

The time limit for the paparazzi contest had almost arrived. A few of the photographers said goodbye and we headed to the east end of the mall, the exit closest to Ben & Jerry's. 

Time expired as we hit the exit. The day was declared a success!

Outside, my 60 minutes of fame were over. 

Cameras were lowered.

A bunch of us walked over to "Market Square" the Arden Mall Annex for de-briefing. Where  the talk was mostly of security guard encounters and unsuspecting shoppers wanting more  information about this mystery couple.

It was an incredible experience! Our daughter June hardly noticed, but Stacy and I had an outstanding time! We're thinking of making this an annual event!



The photographers:

Eric, Kerry, Ken and friends wrote a fantastic description of their paparazzi participation.

Chris & Melanie Chris has a hilarious description of their paparazzi experience on Life in Sacramento.

Melissa & husband Took a lot of great photos!

Nick and Kandi 
Jason Adair and Wendy
Michelle and Stephanie
John Robinson and his daughter
Daniel Phiffer
Edward Dunn from the News & Review

Rob -

Here are my daughter’s photos of you from Paparazzi Day.  We got a kick out of planning out a How- to- Stalk- Rob –Like- a- Paparazzi strategy.  We thought for sure you’d show up at the Discovery Channel Store, but when we ran into you we had changed to a “Let’s- have -ice –cream- and- see- if- he- walks- by approach.   While our lack of stealth and your level of preparedness prevented us from obtaining the “surprised celebrity” look we had wanted, we had fun.  Great idea.  

We enjoy your Web site a lot.  Keep up the good work! 

Jon Robinson


Kandi says she emailed a link to Stacy, but I'll resend once I get home tonight!

We're going to frame one of the autographed photos! :-)


That was fun :)

I was wearing a blue "Gators" shirt and finally caught you guys just before you entered Nordstrom. I got there at 2:15 after not being able to find parking for a while and you were literally the second person I saw in Macy's. I was cautious at first -- I wanted to try to position myself just right. Following people through the mall is hard though! It took me a good hour or so until I finally was in the right place just as you were walking past. Click-click-click-click!

-Dan (Photos)


Here are my photos for the paparazzi contest. If you have any questions feel free to email me. My husband and I had a great time out in the mall that day. Keep us posted on anything else you may have planned. We'll keep up with you on the site too! 

Thanks, Melissa (Photos)


Dear Sir,

Please find attached my submission for the best paparazzi photo.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Adair (photo)


My pictures suck, here you go 
I like the Frederick's one but I wish Stacy was still holding that bra up to you. 

i am planning a bbq for sept 17th (the Sunday that Anna is coming), 4 or 5ish to whenever. you guys are invited, I will let you know for sure though a little closer to the date.

Michelle (photos)


I've posted a couple of my photos on my blog at (I also have your site in my links column). I've been a fan of your site for a while. My wife and I recently relocated to Sacramento from Maine this summer, and your site was most of what I knew about this city!

Ed Dunn (photos)

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special thanks to Matt at Defective Yeti for promotion and Eric for the photos, and thanks to Keith Lowell Jensen for nothin'!

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August 22, 2006.

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