Paparazzi Contest

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The elevator contained one celebrity family, six innocent shoppers, and three photographers.  Kandi was peppering us with really funny, prying questions about our relationship, our future  plans, our clothing, our baby, our shopping habits. I laughed and tried to dodge the questions.

Stacy did a much better job at playing an off-put star.

When the elevator opened, we were met by even more photographers. The elevator portal  became a real bottleneck for the press, the phony stars, confused shoppers and awkward  strollers.

We definitely needed sunglasses, so we tried Sunglass Hut. Sunglass hut keeps their  sunglasses under cover, but they were one of the worst stores for cover-seeking celebrities.

With just four cameramen still at our flank, shopping was totally impossible.  I have to give it to the salesgirl at Sunglass Hut. She was totally unfazed by this disruption, and continued  helping her customer without regard to us.

We abandoned the quest for sunglasses and headed back on the mall. The paparazzi were on  our tail.

At this point, the clock was running down on the paparazzi contest. It was scheduled to end at  3:30pm. The cameramen stepped up their game.

It physically pains me to use that expression.

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August 22, 2006.

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