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As we entered the mall from the parking lot, I spied two young men fumbling with a camera  near the door. Were they paparazzi? I avoided eye-contact and made a bee-line for the mall entrance. Anyone with a camera was suspect.

We visited Naartjie at 2:00, 30 minutes before GO time. We bought a few things and rolled out of there.

As the start time approached, we took the elevator in Macy's down to the 1st floor jewelry department. After a few minutes poring over Kenneth Cole earrings, there was a flash! I looked over just in time to see the photographer duck back behind a display. He was wearing  a t-shirt!

Yes! A photographer. Excellent!

I grabbed the stroller and we immediately wheeled our way towards the open mall.

The exact sequence of events from this point is a little blurry.

I wanted to create a couple of scenes that were worthy of photographing, but hadn't gone so  far as to hire a stripper or anything. We planned to visit Fredrick's of Hollywood and See's Candy.

Our first detour was to the bathroom. Arden's main set of restrooms is only accessible  through a long hallway. In this hallway, I could easily be ambushed. Would anyone try getting  a photo in the bathroom?

These fears turned out to be unfounded.  My next thought caught me at the sink: "Wouldn't a big wet spot on my pants make for some hilarious photos?". I chuckled to myself and looked  around nervously.

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August 22, 2006.

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