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"Who is that"?

The photographers did not have a consistent answer, but it didn't matter. Some explained that  I had my own show on UPN, others described my website, with emphasis on the 20/20 story. 

Others just exclaimed, "you don't know Rob Cockerham?".

Into this semi-circle of polite distance waltzed my friend Nick and his girlfriend Kandi.  Nick waved some prints of some 8x10 photos. He loudly exclaimed that he would be thrilled if I could sign them.

He provided the Sharpie, and I, of course, complied. I started toward a table, but Nick offered his back.

"If you could make them out to 'Paul', that would be great".

He added "Could you write, 'to Paul, my favorite fan' on that one?"

I started scribbling. Later I would learn that Melissa could read my handwriting through her lens on the second floor.

After signing the photos, my instincts told me to get out of there. I steered our stroller back towards Sears.

An unsuspecting Asian gal asked for a photo and snapped a quick one. She had no idea who I was. I was grinning from ear to ear.

I had planned to stop at See's Candy for lunch, but a flock of paparazzi were right on our tail.

We made a wide circle in front of Sears, and started back the other way. A bunch of photogs were right along with us, pressing us with questions. Quite a few people took notice.

My favorite moment from this day unfolded here when I looked back and up to the 2nd floor  mezzanine. A teenage girl was high above, watching the press hound me. Her face was a question mark. Our eyes met and she mouthed "Are you famous?"

How do actually-famous people answer this question?

I smiled and nodded. Yes. I am famous. For 22 more minutes.

We tried to outrun them by ducking into the elevator. Unfortunately, there was no elevator operator on board, so the cameras came right in after us.

We were trapped.


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August 22, 2006.

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