I've done this before, and I'm growing fond of it.

Today, buying chocolate candy and soda pop, I considered the sale price on cans of Safeway Select soda: Four six-packs for $3.88.

I didn't need that many, but nevertheless I started picking out my four flavored case. Halfway through my flavor-collecting, a customer in a straw hat came over. He had already picked out a loaf of bread and a can of meat. 

He read the price out loud, "Four six packs for $3.88". 

I could see that like me, he wanted the price, but wasn't in the market for 24 cans of soda.


"I have an idea", I began. "I'll buy four six packs, and I'll sell one of them to you for a dollar".

He replied immediately, "Ok. That sounds good."

I asked if there was a particular flavor he wanted. He asked about one of the yellow packs in my case.

"You want the grapefruit?".


"Ok, that's good. I'm ready."

I got in line behind him and we both checked out.

Five feet from the exit, he handed me a dollar and I gave him the six-pack.

We both said "Thanks." at the same time. I'm sure I had a big dorky grin on my face.


I love doing this. It works especially well with Buy 1 get one Free specials. 

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May 8, 2004.

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