Julie Carniero over at Big Step clued me in about Pixmaker 360, a 360 panoramic photo tool available at www.pixaround.com.

Each one is about 140K, so they take a short while to load. Iron Cats is the best one, click it first, then check out the Esquire.

Iron Cats
California Capitol
Convention Center & Esquire Theatre
Madison & Manzanita Intersection
Sue in the Courtyard
Downtown Plaza near where my Sculpture Replacement Prank was executed.
Victorian Houses at 24th & H
Ken in Ben's Saturn
Capitol Bridge
Caramel Apples in Old Sacramento
Clocktower at the Downtown Plaza
Sacramento Convention Center (front aspect)
Crocker Memorial at Sacramento City Graveyard
Digital Cameras at Fry's Electronics
Mike multi-tasking in the kitchen
Pony Express in Old Sacramento
Sue in her Honda
Tower Records on Broadway
Train-tracks in Old Sac

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