Some Macro Insect Photos

From Sacramento, using my Canon SD300


I almost always carry my little camera, and I take a lot of pictures.

I'm finally getting the hang of the "macro" setting, allowing for some close-up photos that are actually in focus.

Here are some insect photos from the last few months. If you don't like the small version, you probably don't want to click on them.


These are some ants pouring out of the lawn at McKinley Park.

A Cranefly on our house.

A lightly-smushed cockroach.

Another one of the roach. I think you can see white ooze from his recent crush-related injuries.

A praying mantis on a Jack in the Box reindeer antenna ball.

One of the keys to getting a good photo is to take 1,000 and to throw out 999 of them.

Don't move Jack! I got him!!

A spider hoisting a captured junebug outside our house. The junebug was about the size of an almond.

Stacy doesn't like it when I allow spiders near our daughter, but I don't want her to grow up being afraid of them.

This rabbit-sized specimen was at the radioactive petting zoo in Davis.



And finally, an unidentified seven-legged spider. I don't remember how big he was, as there is nothing in the picture to judge the scale. However, the fact that I had to correct the red-eye on his portrait means that he must have been pretty large.

Thanks for checking out the pictures. I hope you enjoyed them.



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February 19, 2006 

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