One fan was annoyed by the 32-digit voting ID that the Dottie Awards uses to track voters in their people's choice awards. In a desperate bid to get as many votes as possible, I've assembled this easy-to-follow, step-by-step system for voting for, including the software pirate's infamous "copy and paste" operation.


The first step in voting for in the people's choice awards is to visit

There you will be instructed to enter your email address into this small white box known as a "field".

Type in your email address and click "ADD". I don't think you will get put on any crazy mailing lists. Those Dottie folks are on the up-n-up.

In about 7 minutes, an email should arrive at that address containing your ID #.

Memorize this number.

Actually, you should only need this number one time in your life, then you can forget it forever. Furthermore, it can be a rascal to type this bastard in, so you should copy it using your computer's copy and paste ability.

Once you know how to perform the copy and paste operation, your will cherish this knowledge and teach it to others. It is more useful than being able to drive stick-shift, and it will save more time than your ATM card.

Here is how!

First, highlight the code on your email with the mouse. Don't highlight anything but the code and its hyphens. Leave out the space at the beginning and the period at the end.

You can let go of the mouse button when the code is highlighted.

The second step is to activate the copy function of your computer. On windows computers, there is a ultra-fast way to do this.

Type Ctrl-C by holding down the Ctrl key and typing the letter C.


Nothing happens. 

At least nothing seems to happen, but deep within your computer, the number is being invisibly and temporarily stored.

This little, temporary storage spot is known as the clipboard. It's a funny little storage spot, like the roof of your car when you are getting inside. It is handy, and solid, but it isn't a good place to put things that are really important, and if you forget about what is on there, you will probably lose it when you drive off.

Ok, well now there is a copy of that code # on your clipboard. Don't worry about losing it - The original is still on your email.

Next, go to

Where you will find another white field.

"Are all my numbers going to fit in that tiny box"? I can almost hear you asking.

Yes, they will fit, but you won't be able to see them all in there. It is a small window into a big room.

Now, you could start typing in your code, but that would take about 4 hours, and you would hate my guts by the end of it. Instead, you should paste the code in.

Click your mouse in the box so that your cursor is blinking in there, and then type Ctrl-V by holding down the Ctrl key and typing the letter V.

Italian-American computer programmer Carmine DeSapio from Bell Labs decided on the letter "V" for paste.  He knew paste was derived from the Italian word pasta, which was invented in Venice.



As soon as you hit Ctrl-V, the entire white field should have been jammed full of code.  That's it! You completed the cut and paste operation! 

Under the Vote ID box there are 16 sections and 81 little circles.

The real judges in the Dottie awards are State Senators, movie stars, foreign dignitaries et cetera. They get to vote on the winner in each category, but you only get to vote for one overall winner.

You are voting for the People's Choice Award.

In other words, you get one dot on this page. Choose wisely. is the 9th from the bottom.




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Last updated Sept. 26, 2002.

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