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Maker Faire stopped being a live event a few years back, but this YouTube engineer named William Osman has decided to rekindle the Maker Faire spirit in his own event, called OpenSauce. He pooled resources with seven of his Youtube friends and will host the OpenSauce event in San Francisco Juuly 15 & 16 on Pier 35. There are going to be scores of exhibitors and thousands of attendees!

This kind of thing has always been right up my alley, so I submitted my Sajak-sized Wheel of Fortune as an exhibit and was accepted! I'm exhibiting on July 15 & 16!

This is going to be awesome!

The Featured creators include: The Backyard Scientist, Mark Rober, Michael Reeves, Allen Pan, Colin Furze, Nerdforge, Jabrils, Dr Michelle Wong, William Osman, Jake Laser, Unnecessary Inventions, Codemiko, I Did A Thing, Nilered Electro Boom, Ruth Amos, Cnc Kitchen, Emily The Engineer, Odd_jayy, Estefannie, Code Bullet, Evan & Katelyn, Tom Stanton, The Hacksmith, How To Make Everything, Wren, Louis Weisz, Grady Hillhouse, Becky Stern, James Bruton, 3d Printing Nerd, Cody's Lab, Nate From The Internet, Peter Sripol, Explosions & Fire, Brent Underwood, Maker's Muse, Scotty Allen, Rebecca arham, Mr. Volt, Integza, Stephen Hawes, Tyler Bell, Sean Hodgins, Bobby Duke Arts, Applied Science, Technology onnections, Matthew Gaydos, Peter Brown, Project Air, Rctestflight, Marius Hornberger, The Thought Emporium, Zack Freedman, Styropyro, Winston Moy, Bps.space, Internet Comment Etiquette


New! I made a full-sized Wheel of Fortune!
It's a practice wheel for future Wheel of Fortune contestants

New! Six Scams Your Grandparents Need to Know About

New! I tried to make fire with two sticks (again)

New! I was invited to a 'surreal' themed costume party with a $500 first prize in the costume contest. I went as a boat.

Esquire published an article about our Super Bowl Prank

My Superbowl article from 2007

Darknet Diaries episode 86: How Cockeyed.com figured into the LinkedIn hack.

Possom Rescue Video!

Making a medium-sized roof spider

Fully Automatic Smoke Ring Cannon

The Package Thief Srikes again!

Beer. The perfect vaccination reward? I gave out cold beer on a busy stretch of sidewalk in Sacramento.

I brought myself (and my kids) to (what I thought was a) post-COVID Disneyland.

I hit a dog (or a deer) giving a Lyft rides

Map and Photos from the Cal Expo Vaccination site.

Ouija Board Message Maker! Make your own message to send a friend!

New! Rick and Morty cornerstone prank.

I compared the 2001 vs. 2020 Drive Thru Menu at Wendys.

Awhile Back:

Have you seen the Minecraft Manhunt chase scenes? They are amazing.

Taylor Jevaux is a streamer with an awful new tactic

I compared the 2001 vs. 2020 Drive Thru Menu at Taco Bell.

Starbucks and McDonalds.

In 'n Out Burger, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr.. Check it out!

I updated the layout of the Spinning Tornado Costume. Good times!

I simplified the page design of the Disneyland Costume. Remember this one?

Proposed Timeline to Re-open California Businesses

Pulling a Wine Cork with Bricks
Cup Noodles - Watch them Cook in Cross-Section

New! Horizontal Fences

New! Treasure Hunt for Beer!

I added hundreds of photos and maps of the new Black Spire Outpost to update 1,000 Pictures of Disneyland.

How to Lower your Car's NOx Emissions and Pass Smog Check

Oh God, back for Galaxy's Edge. Top tips for visiting Disneyland 2019.

Check out the videos of cracking open these 3D printed easter eggs! Contest! Finding the Worst Person on Yelp

Updated! I printed some readers' 3D designs!

Making a Memory-foam cushion for the Flower Chair

I'll 3D print your design!

Treasure Hunt for 11 year old Kids

I sewed some plush cushions for Bus Stop Benches

Making a Periscope for a Bedroom Window

Disneyland Food Menu Signs

List of Electrical Outlets in Disneyland

Where to Charge your Phone in California Adventure

The Exhilarating Magic of Disneyland in the Rain

Updated! Making a Giant 20-sided Die out of Cement

Making the Most of my 3D Printer

Setting up Another Treasure Hunt for Kids

Electric Power Use of a CR-10 3D Printer

I Made a Mini Target Ball!

How Much Filament is left on the Spool? A Resource for 3D Printers.

Fidget Spinner Costume for Sacramento Comic Con!

Finding a Beached Whale: Pt. Reyes, California

Stranger Things Lightbulb Message Maker

Gun Show Prank

Twelve Ways Convention Booths Grab Your Attention

A Backyard Treasure Hunt for Kids

Facial Age Chart with Photos I ended up with one or more representative for ages 0-80.

Just the eyes! Age Chart Eyes Only! It is my opinion that Kasha has the most attractive eyes of anyone on the chart.