Cal Expo COVID-19 Immunization Map and Photos

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Distribution at Cal Expo in Sacramento

The Cal Expo vaccine distribution center is run like a conveyor belt.

Enter Cal Expo from the grand front entryway and turn right into the parking lot.

You may be part of a continuous snake of cars entering the parking lot.

There is no parking fee.

Park near the tall concrete towers on the west side of cal expo.

There are buildings 1-8. A line monitor will direct you to either the first shot vaccine line or the second shot vaccine line.

While waiting to approach an injection station, you may be asked for your name and birthdate for the Vaccination Card.

Soon you will be seated at a registration/Injection desk where they will verify your appointment time and ask you questions about allergies and health status. Then they will inject your shoulder.

They insist that you sit and wait for at least 15 minutes to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the injection. It is self-monitored.

There are a lot of smiling faces on the way out. Traffic is routed south and west towards Costco, but you have an opportunity to cut from the crowd and turn left, heading east towards the east gate of Cal Expo. This is kind of behind the scenes, but if you have moxie, you can exit heading east if your destination is in that direction.