I'll 3D Print Your Design

Send me an STL file!

Send me your STL file and I’ll try to print it!  I've had a great time designing humanoid heads in zbrush and complex geometric shapes in tinkercad. 

I’d love to give a dozen or a hundred people that feeling of watching something they draw on the screen jump to life under the hot end of a 3D printer! So, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to 3D print a bunch of stuff that people design. All they have to do is send me the file, and I'll print it out!

Send me a tiny dog house! I'll print it out!

Send me a tiny chicken drumstick! I'll print it out!

Send me an elephant face! I'll print it out!


Use any software you want, I just need an STL file (preferably less than 1000K). And I'll be able to slice and print out your vision!

For example, maybe you'll use TinkerCAD to export an STL file of a cupcake. Send me the file and....

Tinkercad Cupcake

Shazam! I'll print out a plastic cupcake!

You could also just write your name on a block in 3D, and send the .stl for that. I'll print it!



z-brush modelling

Or maybe you will download a free trial of Z-Brush! Install it and quickly master its controls! Make a scary face and export an STL file. It is pretty easy.

Send me the face and watch your creation come to life!

(It won't be alive).


1. I will definitely post photos of the object and give you credit for the design.
2. I probably won't send you the plastic printout, but send your street address if you want it delivered.
3. I might print a smaller version of what you would like. Send me a full size X-wing fighter? I'm going to print out a toy-sized version. (Nice try Disneyland).
4. I don't want to print models that you buy or download from Thingiverse. You gotta make them yourself.

That's it! Try it! send an email to me Rob at Cockeyed.com and attach an .stl file of your creation. Include your name and street address, and tell me if you want to keep your design private, or are willing to share the design with other people with 3D printers.

Want your own 3D printer? Try the $439 Crealty CR-10. It has a super large print bed, so you can print really big stuff with one of these, and they are very dependable.