My Plan to Re-open California

Proposed Timeline to Reopen Businesses in Calfornia

Here's my plan for opening businesses up in California. It allows for smaller businesses to open first, followed by larger businesses. With human physical contact slowly becoming more frequent, we will need to continue to be on high alert for new cases of Coronovirus.

May 16th - Open car washes and hot dog stands (single patron food places)
May 17th - Open drive-in theatres
May 18th - Open optometrist offices, shoe shines, podiatrists
May 19th - Open dentists, orthodonists
May 20th - Open notaries and building contractors on remodels and new construction.
May 21st - Open tiny offices (three people or fewer)
May 22nd - Open criminal courts and laundromats
May 23rd - Open barbers and salons with 3 or fewer stations
May 24th - Open nail salons with 5 or fewer stations
May 27th - Open civil courts and fabric stores
May 26th - Open small shops (one entrance)
June 1st - Open cafes
June 2nd - Open small offices (10 or fewer people)
June 5th - Open fast food restaurants
June 6th - Open shops and theatres
June 10th - Open churches
June 12th - Open flea markets and second hand stores
June 15th - Open large offices (100 or fewer people)
June 20th - Open large restaurants
June 22nd - Open Disneyland
June 25th - Open gyms
July 1st - Open malls
July 2nd - Open breweries, wineries and bars
July 8th - Open trampoline parks and nightclubs