Taylor Jevaux is a Twitch Streamer with an Awful New Tactic

One streamer has mastered the art of the tease

Taylor Jevaux is a twitch streamer with a surprising tactic. She teases an appearance with a four or five hour period of standing just off camera, showing only her arm. She will pretend that a full-body appearance on camera is just a moment away, but will actually stay off screen for nearly the entire six hour event.

Sometimes she will show an ipad, with a static "00:02" readout, indicating that she will appear in 2 minutes or two hours. She does not appear in two minutes or two hours.

The stream will have a very enticing title such as "Bikini Squats when the timer runs out" or "Countdown timer to body painting".

Yes! She does eventually appear on camera. She IS attractive. She always appears wearing a bathing suit or leotard.

The wild part of this situation is that there is a running comment section on the stream, absolutely packed with comments like:

  • "I came back after two hours and you guys are still waiting, I feel bad for you"
  • "'Let's Begin' for the 1000th time"
  • "She's trolling, I can't believe how long this goes on"
  • "It's literally a bait, its to get viewers and actually have "content" for 5 minutes before doing it again. Just find another stream or go to the hub."
  • "lol. Spoiler she never does them guys"
  • "she shows like after a good 7-8 hours stream, she just baits people"
  • "paint drying is better than this"
  • "what a waste of time"..
  • and THOUSANDS more.
  • The stream has moderators that remove comments that criticize the scam or are rude.

    The graph above shows the ratio of off-screen time to on-screen time on a Taylor Jevaux stream. As you can see, the blue bars represent the five or six hours she spends just off-screen, teasing an appearance that is coming "soon". The red part of the bar indicates the 15-60 minutes that she can be seen at the end of the video.

    More Details:
    You cannot leave a comment unless you "follow" Taylor Javeau. So everyone who leaves a comment will likely be pinged when she streams next time.

    How to Defeat this scam:
    Don't watch the stream. If you are completely infatuated with Taylor's look. Watch her Youtube videos. Otherwise watch someone else. Don't bother leaving an instructive or rude message. Her mods will remove any comments which work against her.