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Patio Umbrella and Shade Structure Ideas from Disneyland

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This page of shade structures and umbrellas were taken next door from Disney California Adventure.

This is the security checkpoint you'll pass through onto the Disney property. It is a dark, shaded tent. I'm not sure why this isn't a permanent building. Note the scalopped edging and gathered curtains.

Here is an example of a smaller umbrella which helps shade a vendor. She is just setting up.

Some of these umbrellas only have six segments.

The walkway in front of Ariel's ride has a long row of two tone umbrellas.

Winds destroy umbrellas. These were well built, but not indestructable.

Here's a detail of the construction used on the pocket for a rib.

On the upper part of Paradise Pier, Boardwalk Pizza features these green, white and blue striped umbellas. These look very nice.


I can't remember the purpose of this umbrella. It seems to be keeping this employee shaded. It has an extra-pointy top and the ribs may come to points the ends of each rib. Also note the super-flat umbrella stand, presumably used to limit the trip hazard.

The pier itself features these yellow umbrellas. These don't have tabs exactly, the scalloped vertical portion is sewn together at the seams, making a continuous curtain around the edge.

I'm guessing this blue fabric shade awning above Ariel's Grotto is retractable.

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