The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

The Money you Could be Saving with Geico Costume

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Eyes mounted.

At about this stage in the construction, I realized I was painting myself into a corner when it came time to transport this monster. I needed to be able to set it down without crushing the top, but the bottom now had a rigid shoulder harness jutting out.

After some sawing and re-fitting, the shoulder bracket was removable for transportation.

Four PVC T-joints became the point of disassembly.

Separating the frame from the harness.

Here is a shot with the eye-mounts temporarily in place. Mounting was a little tricky because they weren't going to be supported from the back. They needed to sit up on top, on their edge.

To transform these white boxes into stacks of money, I planned two methods:

1. top the stacks with two or three giant loose bills, curling up a bit at the sides, and
2. cover the boxes with light green paper, folded dozens of times so that it looks like the ruffled edge of a thick stack


I took photos of a 5 dollar bill and blew it up. Fireworks does a good job of splitting a giant image into smaller sheets, I just had to cut them out and tape them together.

This giant bill required about $5 in printer ink.

To test the appearance of a folded edge, I fan-folded a 5-foot length of white paper and pinned it to the front edge. It looked pretty good! Unfortunately, I'd need to fold and pin about 180 square feet of paper to cover all four sides of my box.

I could print the top bills, but I needed a ton of paper for the folded sides. Finding a bunch of light green paper was hopeless. I could buy a green or a white roll of paper, but it would never look right. Everyone has a really, really keen mental image of what money is supposed to look like. If I wanted any chance of matching that light-green paper color, I'd have to tint it myself.


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