I Caught Kevin Hoeffer Barbecuing at Costco

Hey! Guess who I saw barbecuing at Costco? Kevin Hoeffer!

Yeah, you know him. He pops up all the time, all over Facebook and SurftheChannel among other places, sharing his secret to magical internet riches working part time from home.

(click the image if you want to visit his website and listen to his voice)

I've seen him and his damn website so many times I was starting to feel like he was my real life enemy.

Which is crazy, because I've never even met him. He grew up in California, he has his own website, I even have a shirt almost just like the one he is wearing!

Honestly, I think I was just JEALOUS!

After all, he...

  • makes his own schedule
  • Is making more money than he was before
  • It was easy for him to get started
  • He got my his check within a week

He makes $7,500 a month and he traded in his ghastly Ford Taurus for a beautiful Mercedes! Son of a Bitch.

Well, as usual, when it comes to actually meeting a sworn enemy, I was happy when I ran into him in real life.

In fact, when I saw him, his wife and his two sons on this box for a Camp Chef Expedition three griddle range, I laughed and laughed.

I laughed because I knew that everything he said before, every single thing he wrote and every single thing in his voiceover was a damn lie.


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June 9, 2009.  

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