The $3,600 Honda Accord - Update - People fall for it.

Hi, Rob, saw your post on about the 2003 Honda Accord for $3,600.00. I just wanted to tell you that you didn't miss a helluva a deal. I'm the one that got BIT. I fell for it and wired the money like it said, thinking that all of the documents he forwarded to me made it look just like it was through Ebay. I've attached a couple so you can see, and guess what? No car, and in contacting Ebay, never was any car, it was all a scam. Too bad I wasn't more suspicious and checked things out. I have no recourse at this point, but am out the money and have one very painful lesson I'll be paying on for a couple of years. Too bad I didn't see your post before I dove in. TALK ABOUT STUPID!


Holy crap! That is terrible.
I'm on the verge of posting a more detailed article of how it is done. Can you tell me anything about the MoneyGram experience? How long did it take for the crook to pick up the money?

I never got a confirmation about when he picked up the money. He used an "Ebay Authorized Agent", whose name and address was Ethan Hunter in Boise Id. I'm just sick about it. Did you get the emails I sent along, so you could see that he used the Ebay web layout to look "official"? I can't believe this jerk keeps doing this, or that I was stupid enough not to investigate it further. It just seemed like a good way to get a decent car for a reasonable amount of money. I thought with Ebay involved, it was going to be fine. I had to pay MoneyGram $125.00 to send the money, on top of the $3600, that makes the sting even worse. I just feel badly that he's doing this to others. I'll recover from it, but in these economic times, don't know if others would recover.
Thanks for your help.


Wow. That is terrible. I am sorry.
I think that name is all you have to go on. Either that was his real name or he had a fake ID when he picked up the money. After you sent the money, did you have to give Ethan any other information about the money delivery, like a transaction number or something? Supposedly he'd have to give a social security number to pick up that amount of cash.
Can I use your emails on my website?
Rob Cockerham


Thanks for your empathy, Rob. I had to fax the guy a copy of the receipt to a number so that "EBAY" could acknowledge receipt of the payment, that's how he cashed it. What a jerk. I hope at least by your website and all this, it saves someone from going through this hassle, embarrassment and loss.
Thanks, R.T.


The original article: The $3,600 Honda Accord- A Craigslist Car Too Good to be True | Investigating the Process of a Craigslist / eBay / MoneyGram Vehicle Scam

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