You know, there are a lot of drug companies that are trying to make money in this world. Each one is striving to save the world from pain, disease and death. They hire experts, build massive laboratories and cut the edge of science in their relentless pursuit of pharmaceutical solutions.

There is one company, which you may not have ever heard of, doing it BETTER!



A small, yet impossibly successful company, working tirelessly, and with an incredibly small facility, to create not one, not two, but 16 miracle products! Visit the Ultra Herbal Website, and see for yourself!


That's right, while other companies are trying their best to squeeze one or two products past the FDA stormtroopers per year, One company circumvents legal restrictions to unlock the white majicks of herbs!

Other companies laughed at the idea that a pill could increase the size of a woman's breasts, but the experts at Ultra Herbal didn't laugh, they just listened to what you wanted, and MADE IT HAPPEN!


Other companies were satisfied making drugs that stopped your nose from sniffling, but not Ultra Herbal! They kept working, into the night, to bring you something you really want, a pill that treats hair-loss.



There doesn't seem to be any human condition that Ultra Herbal isn't equipped to cure! Weight Loss, Penis Enlargement, Hair Removal, Sexual Enhancement, Anti-Aging, Breast Enlargement or Carb Blocking, all are now possible thanks to Ultra Herbal!



I anticipate their team of super-geniuses will soon be introducing more miracle products, because if you can dream it, Ultra Herbal will sell it!


For instance, advanced herb technology can help your muscles and bones become lighter and more agile. Your body can become incredibly healthy, and incredibly airborne! 

Ultra herbal will definitely be first to offer awesome Flying Pills!

1 Month Supply for only $59.95*



*estimated future retail price

King Midas wasn't a magician, he had simply discovered the power of herbs! Soon you too will be able to focus the naturally active transmutational properties of your bodies nervous system to change ordinary objects into pure gold!

All it takes is a unique blend of all natural ingredients.

Your jewelry dealer won't be thanking Ultra Herbal, but you sure will!

2 Month Supply for only $99.95 $89.95*


*estimated future retail price


Your brain needs a wide variety of nutritional sources to function at it's natural peak, so when Ultra Herbal finds a way to get that proper nutritional and herbalogical blend into your brain, mankind will finally have unlocked the secrets to talking to animals!

Imagine the fun you will have, learning and loving with all of God's creatures!

These herbs will use a dermal patch or a pill. Maybe both! 

2 Month Supply for only $99.95 $89.95*


*estimated future retail price


I know what some of you are thinking, "Will it be safe to combine the Flying Pills and the "Talk to the Animals" patch?". The answer is YES, thanks to the safe, natural origins of herbs!


Are there limits to what herbs can do? Well, yes, of course there are limits. Most of herbs' potency is still undiscovered. Ultra Herbal won't rest until every earthly fantasy has become reality. A reality shaped by the super-natural enzymes and micro-nutrition of herbs!

Yeah! Herbs!

In fact, it doesn't take a best-selling sci-fi novelist to predict a day when Ultra Herbal will market a pill that transforms you into Terminator, like the one in Terminator 3, where your arms can turn into machine guns and your feet can turn into rocket engines.

In fact, I predict Ultra Herbal will have these pills later this year!

2 Month Supply for only $119.95 $109.95*


*estimated futuristic retail price

If you are ready to change anything in your life that you are dissatisfied with, check out the Ultra Herbal website. To see how much money referring websites can make, check out the Joe Bucks website.

See for yourself if herbs hold the key to your happiness!  Whatever your need, they can help you!

See you over the Taj Mahal! 

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January 6th, 2005.  

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