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Breakfast at WAFLcon.


John Hargrave and Bess gave advice on proper waffle dressing.


Moe cannot help but be sexy in that giant waffle costume.



G4 cameraman trying to capture the toasters giving birth to a new round of waffles.

I lost count of the number of ROFLcon camera crews we distracted with our WAFLcon antics.


Gregory Brothers (Autotune the News) pose with John Hargrave at WAFLcon.

It was not long after this photo that Stacy became the WORLD'S LARGEST AUTOTUNE THE NEWS FAN.


By some miracle, the flow of hot waffles equaled the flow of customers.



Posing with Matt Sloan from Chad Vader.

John from provided the photobomb.


Zug's WAFLcon was a huge success. Stacy and I helped toast and cook hundreds of frozen waffles. It was a blast! For some reason it is a lot more fun pretending to be a breakfast waiter than it is actually being a breakfast waiter.

Zug's article on WAFLcon:

G4's segment:

I'm sure people were perplexed, but free food is exceptionally effective at lowering inhibitions.


Stacy meets Mahir.


After about two and half hours, WAFLcon and the morning panels were finished and we left to catch afternoon Chatroulette Bingo. We voted to skip lunch.


On the way we found Scott Beale (Laughing Squid). Scott and his wife moved to New York recently, so of course I ran into him in Boston. He congratulated me on the recent Costco prank.

No chatroulette at the New Media building, but we did find this $1400 Dyson Airblade hand dryer in the men's bathroom. The Airblade attacks your hands from two sides, peeling the water down off of them. Its like a shower of dry.

It is such a tough enviroment that only the most rigorous strains of mold can live at the crux of a Dyson Airblade, so they keep one at MIT for mycological studies.



We eventually gave up on the hunt for Chatroulette Bingo and caught the end of the Pop Culture Meets Internet Culture panel.

Dan Walsh - Garfield Minus Garfield
Xavier Nazario & Randy Hayes - Juggernaut Bitch
Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda - Chad Vader


Pictured: Stacy with Paul Kafasis (One Foot Tsunami)

The next session featured Autotune the News - Evan Gregory & Andrew Gregory and Fake AP stylebook - Mark Hale & Ken Lowery. Holy wow. I love fake AP stylebook and the Gregory Brothers were hilarious. They did an outstanding job, probably as only brothers can, playing off each other's deadpan answers to great effect.

Just being able to watch their videos with a large audience was a good enough reason to visit ROFLcon.

At one point during the Q&A (Evan announced that each of his answers would include the word "rivulet") they had Joel Veitch laughing uncontrollably in the audience, a stifled laugh which was absolutely infectious. He had eight of us giggling along like kids in church.

They win the 2010 ROFLcon Golden Goatse for excellence in panel-sitting.


Leeroy Jenkins (Ben Shultz) came in to help clear the room before the final panel.


The final session featured:

Greg Rutter You should have seen this
Kenyatta Cheese & Jamie Wilkinson Know your Meme
Ben Huh I can haz cheezburger?
Moot 4chan

With Tim and Christina as moderators. It was a pretty good panel. Everyone kind of gave Ben Huh a hard time, but he handled it like a champ. After the final session, Ben and Tim both talked about how what a special conference it had been, and how terrific it had been to have so many pillars of internet culture in the same place at the same time. It felt special.

That would have been the perfect time for a slow clap.

But I missed the moment.


And that was it! The conference wrapped and the slow exit began.

Marketing wunderkind The Barbarian Group offered their Boston offices for a sweet afterparty with the ROFLcon panelists.

Pictured center: Jessica Amason (This is why you're fat)



There was the finest food and drink.

I got to meet Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom), Pete Hottelet (Omni Consumer Products) and other illuminaries.




Lauren Leto and Benjamin Bator, (Texts From Last Night) on the left, with Matt Harding and Brad O'Farrell (Play him off keyboard cat) on the right.

Next, we boarded the VIP charter bus to the ROFLcon after-after party at the Machine Club in Boston, which on a regular night is a gay goth club.The internet invaded.

I can't say we blended exactly, but ROFLcon knows how to party.


And check it out! Hanging in the club, as plain as day was one of the Mooninite displays from the Boston bomb scare of 2007. Rad!


We took a taxi home and woke up ready for the trip back to Sacramento.

ROFLcon 2010 was terrific. I met a ton of great, funny, industrious folks who have inspired a wave of coffee-drenched computer monitors across the country.

Mucho thanks to Tim and Christina for putting it all together and bringing us to Cambridge for the party!


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