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Dinner with John and his wife didn't pan out, but we wanted to squeeze in a dot of tourism, so John led us to Harvard Square via the Subway. Harvard Square is an east coast tourist mecca, full of students on a beautiful spring evening.


We walked through the Harvard campus, where I picked up an honorary PhSTD.

We had dinner with John, Moe and Bess at a Thai restaurant called "Spice". It was excellent.



If you time it right, you can usually get a photo when the cleaning staff is airing out the Presidential Suite.


John's prank angle on ROFLcon was to establish "WAFLcon", a conference on waffles. He and Moe had fliered MIT for his companion (or competing) conference, and on Saturday morning, as people gathered to attend the first panel discussion at ROFLcon, WAFLcon was in full swing.



WAFLcon attendees.




The supply of frozen waffles.


The early line at WAFLcon.


Bess, Mo and John try to keep up with waffle demand.


Dan Lacey, painter of pancakes and Christophe from Cornify.

Dan was part of the main event of WAFLcon, the "breakfast delight", a peace treaty between waffles and pancakes.



Steve Delrose and Samuel Bitoski enjoying pancakes. Samuel provided a sweet unintentional soundtrack to WAFLcon, thanks to his briefcase/boombox.


Tim and Christine troubleshooting ROFLcon.


WAFLcon waffle distribution rocking MIT.


Finding a table at WAFLcon.




Whipped cream distribution.


Stacy taking a break at WAFLcon.


You wanted 1000 pictures from WAFLcon, right?

By the way. John didn't ask or recieve anyone's permission to hold WAFLcon on the MIT campus, so if you ever hear anyone bragging about a "hacking" conference, tell them about WAFLcon, the completely hacked con.


Taryn Southern and Mo prepare for a grueling shoot for the G4 network. Little did Mo realize that he'd be under the direction of the Stanley Kubrick of cable tv intersitial video.


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