Foo Fighters

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This is an amazing story, and this is how it begins:

I got an email from a segment producer at MTV2, asking about including something from Cockeyed in a huge Foo Fighters Special.

We got in contact, first with MTV2, then with the Foo Fighters Management, and it was true. They were making plans for a big show, 24 hours of Foo, in support of the Foo Fighters' 5th Album, "In Your Honor". I was invited to help.

Wanting to look my best for a national TV audience, I embarked upon an Extreme Makeover.

Well, to be honest, I just shaved off my beard.

Travel plans were quickly arranged. I enlisted my sister Jane as assistant, and left Stacy home to toil at home with our young one. 


The plan was to fly out Friday night on the red-eye, transfer in Atlanta and land in New York City on Saturday morning, in time for a 12 noon check in at the MTV studios.

Unfortunately, the Airport in Atlanta was built to accommodate the marathon runners of the 1996 Olympic Games.

We missed the connecting flight. This set us back an hour, and forced us to change our arrival from Newark to The La Guardia Airport.

But, that turned out to be just a minor setback. A black car met us at La Guardia and drove us to our hotel in Times Square. We were running low on time, but we were going to make it.

This photo is of our driver. We did not board that black A-team van. We crossed the street and got a nice Black Lincoln.

On the way to Times Square. 

I had discussed a few ideas for our "how much is inside" segments with the show producers, but Jane and I weren't exactly sure which ones would find their way onto the show.

We scrambled to our room and got changed and ready in about 30 minutes. Neither one of us had slept much on the plane.

When it was time, we walked across Times Square, into a tall building and up the escalators to the MTV studios.

Past the building security, the MTV gatekeepers and the metal detectors, we were given sweet security badges and met with open arms by our new Foo Fighters management friends. They showed us into the Band's lounge and gave us a schedule for the long day's events.

The Foo Fighters are:
Dave Grohl (guitar/vocal)
Nate Mendel (bass)
Taylor Hawkins (drums)
Chris Shiflett (guitar) 

The broadcast day was going to be filled with regular MTV2 shows introduced, interspersed and interrupted by short Foo Fighter segments, events and activities. 

The day was carefully planned, but no one can script 24 hours, so a lot of the day was going to be improvised. Two cameras were following Dave and Taylor through the studio hallways.

Chris was the first to find us, and was very nice and happy to meet us. Dave Grohl met us next, and turned out to be the force behind getting Jane and I involved.

He said,  "I don't remember how I first found your site, but I've been reading it for a while now.. for a couple of years, and I really like the projects and the photos. It is a great site!".

Taylor and Dave joined Stewart Copeland from the Police and two of New York's infamous plastic bucket street drummers in a sidewalk drumming competition.


This photo shows nine antenna set up to catch signals from the remote cameras covering the drumming contest action outside.

The crowd around the drum circle contest.


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June 25th, 2005.

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