The Weight of Popped Popcorn

This small, accurate scale is a treasured tool in my life. I really don't know how I would have created half of this website without it.. I mean, I guess I just would have bought a known quantity of pre-packaged methamphetamine from a reliable dealer, but having the scale here at home has been, at the very least, a time saver.

Last night, as I was preparing some microwave popcorn, I thought it might be fun to weigh a bag of popcorn before and after I cooked it.

Here's a shot of the popcorn in its folded brown sack. It weighed 72.1 grams.


The next step was to cook the popcorn, which required about 2 minutes in the microwave, and produced a series of loud popping noises.

Please guess how much the popcorn weighed when it came out:

The Starting weight: 72.1 grams

The results are on the next page.

It would be funny if none of these were correct, and on the next page I just had a giant graphic which said "WRONG!"

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