Eating Out

Whenever I get tired of eating dog food out of tin cans over the sink, I call up a friend and go out to eat.

After spending all of February 2004 cooking my own food and eating in, the obvious next experiment was to spend the month eating every meal out at restaurants. To keep it interesting, I tried to eat all of my meals at different restaurants around Sacramento.


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March 1st was Monday. 

After a month of turkey sandwiches, cup of soup and tuna pasta, I was pretty excited to start the "eating out" experiment. For my first lunch out, I drove out to Corti Brother's Import Specialty Store and Deli.

The scale I used to weigh myself at the beginning of February was here, so I checked my weight. I had gained one pound during February, the month of eating in. I was already wondering and worrying about how much weight I would gain from a month of eating out.

Corti Brothers has very good sandwiches. There is usually a line at lunchtime, and I had my eye on the time.

It took about eight minutes to order and receive my sandwich, and it cost $4.82 for the sandwich and a Faygo Orange Soda.

I could have made a sandwich faster myself, but I don't think it would have been this tasty, and I would have had to do the dishes.

At around 3:30 pm, people in my office start asking about coffee.

Our favorite place to get them is the Naked Lounge, at 15th and Q st.

My almond latte was $3.40.
For dinner I brought Stacy to Tower Cafe, a nice place at Broadway and 16th Street, the site of the very first Tower Records Store.
Tower Cafe is one of those restaurants that seems to be trying for the "most decorations" award, but they pull it off. The place is cozy, and our service was great. I love restaurants that give you water without having to ask about it.

I got Tower Linguini and a pint of beer. Tower Linguini is one of the best meals available in Sacramento, particularly after a month of eating in.

Stacy didn't finish all of her food, so she had the server box it all up for her.

The price of eating out includes the price of the meal, plus the price of drinks, plus tax plus tip. Adding all these up, the total price of my dinner was $19.10.

I was in an excellent mood when I left the restaurant. Stacy was too, until she realized that she had left her leftovers on the table.

March 2, 2004 
On Tuesday, I modified the rules of this experiment to exclude the coffee I made for myself in the morning. There was no way I was going to spend 10 minutes a day getting coffee at a coffee shop every morning before work.

An hour before lunch, I was excited to finally eat at my favorite fast food joint, Chipotle. 

Ordering your food at Chipotle is like watching a robot assembly line, and usually it is pretty fast, but on that day, the line seemed to take forever. I estimate that it took 12 minutes to order and receive my food.

I brought the food back to work and ate at my desk.

Lunch was $6.90, and I dropped $1.10 into the tip jar. I was pretty sure I was going to spend more money in tips this month than I had in February.

The chicken burrito was superb!

One more thing about Chipotle before I move on... I have some advice for criminals: Don't ever commit a crime in or near a Chipotle restaurant. There are always 6 police officers in that place.

For dinner, I stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought a bucket of food: $15.61

Not many places sell buckets of food anymore. Hot Corn Bucket went out of business in June, and Weiner Bucket has been struggling at the old mall.

I ate in front of the TV at Tom and Amy's. On this night Chris Webber returned from injury to play for the Sacramento Kings. He looked great and the Kings won!

KFC is really good.


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April 14, 2004.  

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