Gallery of Items Tested for Energy Use

These are the actual measurements of wattage being used while plugged in.

Using my handheld Watt meter, I tested every electrical item I could thing of, inside and outside of the house. Click a photo to see the results for that item. In the case of appliances which use a range of electricity, I highlight the highest period of energy use I saw.

Angle Grinder

Bench Grinder

Pancake Compressor

Drill Press

Electric Car

LG Window Air Conditioner

Portable Sewing Machine

Skilsaw - Recipricating Saw

22 inch Computer Monitor

All in One PC

Big Floor Fan


Cable Box

Canon Battery Charger

Carbon Monoxide Detector


Chest Freezer

Circular Saw

Cisco Office Phone

Coffee Maker

Crock Pot

Decorative Lights

Disco Light

Disco Motor


Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Electric Blanket

Flat Iron

Flatscreen Television

These are in alphabetical order. I could have arranged the items by energy use type: motors, heaters, lights or logic.

Fog Machine

Garage Door Opener

Garbage Disposal

George Forman Grill

Glue Gun

Hair Dryer

String of Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights

Hand Mixer

Heat Gun

Hot Hair Rollers

Ice Machine

Iphone Charger

Iphone 5 Charger

Clothes Iron


Kitchenaid Mixer

Floor Lamp


Large Oscillating Fan

Leaf Blower

Low Temp Glue Gun

Massage Chair


Office Laser Printer

Old Space Heater

Old Window Air Conditioner

Paper Shredder

Playstation 3

Pool Filter Pump

Portable Hard Drive

Power Drill



Rice Cooker

Ryobi Charger


Small Pump

Space Heater


Starbucks Coffee Machine


Vacuum Cleaner

Waffle Iron