How Many Watts of Electricity does a Garage Door Opener use?

Real power-use measurements from a garage door opener.

How Much Power does a Garage Door Opener use

Garage Door Opener: 445 Watts


  • A garage door opener has a radio receiver, garage lights and a motor to lift the garage door. The door can be heavy, but usually uses counterweights or springs so that the motor isn't lifting a 300 lbs. door from a dead stop.
  • Uses less than a watt while standing by waiting for the signal to open. Uses 445 watts while opening or closing the door, including the 108 watts used to power the light bulbs. The lights on this model stay lit for 5 minutes after opening or closing the door.

Power Use

  • Watts: 445
  • Kilowatts: 0.445 Kw.

Operation Cost

  • cost per minute: 9 hundredths of one cent (0.09 ¢)
  • cost per hour: 5.3¢
  • cost per day: 43¢
  • cost per month: $8.12

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