How to return your Kirby vacuum cleaner and Cancel your sales contract

You may wish to read the Introduction to Kirby sales, Kirby Mail and the first batch of Kirby Salesperson Complaints

I'm sorry if you bought a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. If you are having regrets, don't despair, if you act quickly, you can return the vacuum and cancel your contract.

Within 3 business days, sign the RETURN notice on the bottom of the contract. This will be on either the yellow or green copy.
Tear off the RETURN notice section of that page and send it to the address of the independent contractor (the company which sells vacuums for Kirby) in your paperwork.


  1. the RETURN notice
  2. a note stating "I am requesting cancellation of this contract" and
  3. a photocopy of the contract

Send it via US Postal Service Certified Mail to the sales contractor. You don't actually have to send it certified mail, and you don't have to send a photocopy of the contract, but those steps make it easier to prove you tried to return in within 3 days if something goes awry.

He or she should call you to arrange a time to pick up the Kirby, return your trade-in and refund your deposit.

If you don't have the yellow or green RETURN notice, call Kirby Vacuum Customer relations at 1-800-494-8586 and be prepared to give them the serial number of your vacuum cleaner.

Have other questions?
Kirby Vacuum Customer Relations phone number is 1-800-494-8586 (on hold you will be reminded that only salesmen sell Kirbys, not web sites, and if you are on hold long enough, you will get an offer to become a Kirby salesman).

When you reach them, they'll tell you how to cancel your contract if you have changed your mind. Do not delay! This is not like returning a laptop to Sears, you only get 3 days.

Finally: Go out an buy a new $130 vacuum cleaner at Target! You just saved $1,400!

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February 17, 2010.  

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