Superbowl Halftime Show

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It was a shame that we were way out East with almost no time to be tourists, so Stacy and I escaped into the city, to visit a recommended Italian restaurant and catch a glimpse of Superbowl fever gripping downtown Miami. We ate a wonderful dinner at a surprisingly non-chain restaurant called "The Pasta Factory Company". 

It was perfect. 

After dinner, we drove east towards the thickest part of downtown Miami, on the waterfront. As we approached the water, the number of supercars and limousines on the road increased exponentially.

We came upon what seemed to be the main event, a huge street fair festooned with lights and crackling with music and activity. The streets were packed with cars, trying to park, and pedestrians, trying to weave through the cars to get to this public party.

I'm not usually shy about wading into chaotic scenes, but our view from the street made this one look as if it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

I didn't really know what was going on inside, probably a carnival with a bunch of football-themed attractions. This was probably the free version of the exclusive parties such as the Maxim party ($4,000), the ESPN party ($150), the Penthouse Party ($1,000) and J-Lo's Ocean Drive Party ($1,500).

Satisfied with our turbo-tour, we jumped back onto the Turnpike and headed south to our hotel. Tomorrow was Sunday. Superbowl Sunday, and I was going to the Superbowl.


The game was set to start at 6:25pm. Everyone was ready to go by 8:30am. We wanted to make one more delivery into the stadium, and in so doing, get inside before the crowds.

The day was overcast, and a little rain was falling. As we loaded the van, we asked each other if the rain would be a problem, or a blessing. Like alcohol, a little rain takes the focus off of a critical examination. Former perfectionists dissolve into "lets just get this over with"ers. There was a little concern that our necklace lights would fail if they got saturated, but overall, the rain was welcomed. It would probably make our lives a bit easier.

Stacy's job was to stay behind at the hotel and act as company secretary if we needed to implement our back story. 

Recreating the pants-seller scene from No Pants subway days.

Finally, we were on our way. We made a miraculously quick stop at Fedex Kinkos on Doral Blvd., printing and laminating our new soda pop street team badges. Sunday morning at Kinkos is incredible. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that we could get in and out of Kinkos in less than 45 minutes.

While John, Mike B. and I worked at Kinkos, Mike H. and Moses went on a snack & rain poncho run. Ponchos were tricky, because we didn't want to obscure the view of our awesome fake embroidered shirts.

The stop was 66% successful. The badges looked terrific and a day's worth of snacks was obtained, but they had not been successful in their efforts to buy rain gear for all of us. They could only get their hands on one.

Ponchos which had been on the shelves at 9:45am were completely sold out at 9:55am. Rain ponchos all over Miami had suddenly become very, very valuable.

Ahead of schedule, we were out of there, with just one more stop on our agenda. We had to pick up the tickets at the Holiday Inn. 

Two enterprising men had set up a Superbowl ticket distribution hub in a conference room at the Holiday Inn. I'm not sure where they got the tickets, but they had sold them online, and this was the point of exchange. Football-jerseyed fans wandered in and laid down a fortune for two tickets. 

The face value of these Superbowl tickets was $600 each. I don't know how much John had paid, but they had been selling for $2,500-$3,500 each on ebay.


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February 15, 2007.
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