Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Your site is kickin. You pwn some serious arse.


I've written to you before regarding your site but in light of the fact that I want to see my name on your site, I'm writing again. :)

You do a terrific job of poking fun at ridiculous things, delving into the deeper mysteries of "How Much Is Inside?" and shedding light on the scams and rip-offs of "teh Intarweb" and meat space. You always make me laugh with your understanding of the oft misunderstood and little used art of sarcasm. Keep up the great work Rob. Say hi to all your worthy helpers for me.


Ryan (from a currently very cold Canada)

I'd just like to say that I've been completely and utterly twitterpated wtih Tara ever since I saw her in the Dial Complete experiment. I am completely smitten with her- insofar as it is possible for a man to love a digitized image of a gorgeous woman... which it turns out is a lot! I was wondering how old Tara is, what her favorite colors and foods are, how many cats she owns, etc. I'm sure you get lots of inquieries about her, so 

thank you for your patience.

-Dan from San Jose

hi Rob,

Friday night I had a pastrami & provolone sandwhich ast some diner in Tucson. Saturday night I had a chicken teriyaki sandwich from Subway.


Aaron wants you to join his network on, a free service that helps you stay connected to friends and family. Once you've joined, you can discuss topics of interest in "Tribes," or swap advice, referrals and classifieds.
Hey - good article! It was very informative, well documented visually and I especially appreciated the info on the # of treatments it would take as well as the cost involved.
Having some slight scarring from my days as captain of my schools Extreme Backgammon team, I'm interested in laser therapy as well. There is a "home soft laser" manufactored by Beurer, but I'm not sure if the laser strength would be enough to make a difference. The cost is $150-$200 for one. I'm wondering what else it could be used for. Home laser light shows, trigger for combusting volatile substances - the mind reels.
Are you familiar with Mark Pauline & SRL? Just curious.
Check out this article I found, you probably know all about this stuff:
Werd ~S~
Robert Berry
Dear Rob,

Thank you for your report on this. I almost got sucked into it via Workopolis & Global Online Systems, but (fortunately) decided to do a little research, and up came your site on Google. I was a little suspicious, since nothing actually said what it was about. Now I know, and also know the signs I see all over are the same thing. I am in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. Do you know if there is any connection with Herbalife and  Interglobe Ventures ? Here is a site for stuffing envelopes at home, and it doesn't say what company it is, or specifically what is in the envelopes, other than it's an opportunity to "work at home" which makes me wonder if it is connected to Herbalife. I would be grateful if you would let me know if you know anything about this.



Dear Sir

I am an independent Herbalife distributor located in the UK.  When I was looking for a specific company on the website relating to Herbalife I came across your website so, just out of interest, I started following your numerous links to read your understanding of Herbalife, its marketing activities, its costs, its apparent mis-selling and mis-representation, saturation of the market, etc., etc. - and was transfixed by the inaccuracies and complete lack of statistical knowledge you purported to display.

What you described bore absolutely no relation to what I know of the Herbalife organisation. I came across the work from home opportunity almost a year ago, didn't really think it was for me but tried the products, realised that the products were absolutely fantastic and lost weight which I'd unsuccessfully been trying to do over decades - I'm now 56 (55 when I started the products).  When I realised the products worked and also realised how fantastic I felt on them, I decided I should look at the business opportunity more seriously.  I'm now passionate about helping people with their overall health and wellness, not just their weightloss, although I have lost 42lbs (my husband 32lbs) and moreover have kept it off and we both feel great.  This is NOT due to "diet pills" as you say in your reams of webpages.  Everything that Herbalife produce is FOOD - 100% natural and really is a combination of ancient Chinese herbal medicine and Western cutting edge science.

Look at the Mark Hughes microbiology unit at UCLA which looks into exactly why our products work.
Look at the enormously impressive Scientific and Advisory Board of Herbalife - some of the most prestigious and well known dietitions, cancer and heart specialists and sports nutritionalists are there, including Dr Louis Ignaro - a Nobel Prize Winner for his research into heart disease - why would he choose to be associated with our products and, in fact, brought his cutting edge research technology with him and introduce NiteWorks - look it up. 
Look at the background of our new CEO - Michael O Johnson - who spent 17 years as an international leader of Disney International - why would he choose to come to Herbalif?

Now your allegations about the world being saturated. One has only to look at the huge, huge problems of obesity in the Western world - probably the most worrying country being the USA with the UK now known as the Fat Capital of Europe, to understand that the opportunities are a million miles away from being "saturated".

Not only that but the dream of spreading healthy nutrition worldwide is one that I am proud to be associated with.  You would be astounded at some of the stories that my customers tell me about how they have tried, unsuccessfully in the past, to lose weight - how they loathe themselves, how they have been bullied, how they have deliberately got obese in order to stop being sexually abused, how they have no self-esteem and feel trapped in their huge bodies - the nightmare for these people goes on and on.  Very often they are more comfortable in talking to a complete stranger about these issues than they would be to a Dr, a Councellor or a family friend.  I do most of my business over the internet but do NOT exploit people - either with the retail or the business opportunity.

We meet every month for what we call Success Training Seminars and, far from you saying you've never heard of people being successful in Herbalife, every month we hear extraordinary testimonies from ordinary people, from all sorts of backgrounds - stories that have literally changed peoples lives, be they health, weight or financial life-changing events.

Lastly - but I could go on and on because your pages are so inaccurate - the cost of signing up as a Herbalife distributor in the UK (and I'm sure it is exactly the same equivalent in each of the 59 countries we can now trade in) is 45.  That's it!  This does indeed come with an IBP - an International Business Pack - which immediately enables you to trade in 50 countries at a minimum 25% discount and comes with a basic set of products so people can appreciate for themselves the joy of these products.  There is absolutely no pressure on people to invest in webpages, tapes, or anything else if they don't want to.  Many people become Herbalife distributors purely to be classified as wholesale customers in order for them to get the products at discounted prices for their own use or their immediate families use - they have no intention of doing this as a business.  That is perfectly OK.

Those who do want to do this business in earnest do have to work hard - it's not a get rich quick sceheme which is made perfectly clear right at the very beginning - some people do do this by flyers - others more frequently use the Internet for their customers (both retail and business opportunities).  In the UK at least there are rules about where and what you can display in public places and, as far as I am concerned, Herbalife cannot stress the ethics strongly enough to its distributors.  We know the rules and, by and large, I would hope that the vast majority of Herbalife distributors abide by them.  Providing they do this, fall in love with the products and work consistently, hard and ethically, then dreams really can come true!

Finally, finally, your assertion that Herbalife has something to hide and keeps it secret - what absolute rubbish!  Many of the people brought into the business are invited to a HOP meeting (an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting). It is blatently obvious that this is a business opportunity meeting and you can only be invited by a sponsor or mentor. It costs the individual nothing - in fact the sponsor or mentor pays for their own attendance and can bring as many people as he or she wants.  Again, there is no pressure to make any immediate decisions, although I have to say that when visitors do see the big picture they invariably sign up as a distributor because they are so excited about the possibilities.  I can think of many more industries, companies or ways of working that you could justifiably criticize - we are just a bunch of people who love what we do, love to share the opportunity, love helping people and, in the process, can transform our lives.

I don't suppose for one minute that you like what I have to say or will ever print what I have to say, but I feel better just for writing this to you.

Joan Woodcock
An Independent Herbalife Distributor (UK)
It would be funny if you put a foam squirrel to replace one of the missing things on the cafe signs.  Come on in & eat some varments!   I like the site!!!
Better yet instead of a cafe sign with:
this is not a reality to do but sick & could get someone in trouble.  I'm have a warped sense of humor anyway.

Dear Rob,

You may remember me from the last reader appreciation week. I hope you do, since the fight to find the missing people of the world needs your help. As you may recall, I was missing for a few days last year, and emailed you in hopes that you, or one of your readers knew where I was. The only clue I had was a photograph, in which I am either experiencing extreme pain or pleasure.

I know you will be glad to hear that in the past year, I have learned much of my disappearance. It seems that on the second day of my disappearance, a gas station attendant in Omaha saw my face pressed against the window of a yellow 1990 Honda CRX. Later on that night, I was seen flirting with a Persian dancer in Maine. My wall is covered with a map of the US, and little flags are posted on each city I was seen in. In four days, I was taken all over the states, and at each stop, some wonderful observant angel saw me. With all the information I have received, I sure that by next year my mystery will be solved. Thankfully, the side effects of my "trip" have decreased, for example, I no longer crave cat. My neighbor, the one who had a heart attack every time someone parked in his reserved parking spot, is moving out of our development. My list of suspects has been decreased to only 10 or so evil people, including such celebrities as Dick Cheney and Katie Couric, and low life simpletons like the man who works at Starbucks and intentionally screws up my grande Red Eye, or the women who drives down my street every night in her Plymouth Prowler blasting Fates Warnings Eye to Eye.

I just wanted to write to update you on my situation, and to thank you for putting up my letter for all of your readers to read. The response I have gotten has been overwhelming. A few people even included pictures they took of me. I would show you the one of me and the Persian dancer, but it is x-rated. Instead I included one of the first ones I was sent, the email that started my whole adventure. At first, when you see it, it doesnt look a whole lot like me, but there are subtle similarities. For example, the handkerchief I am wearing in the picture belonged to my grandma Patterpit, the hat is my great uncles, who fought at the Alamo. Again, the expression upon my face is hard to read, either I just ate something really sour, or I am very content with myself.

Again, any more information you or your readers can offer would be of great help, send any inquiries to

Thank you


Just a short note to say I appreciate your web site, and the information contained therein. I was researching whether to get involved in this herbalife thing, and you help convince me to stay away from it.
i was reading through your list of bad things, and i noticed a significant omission.
apparently coca-cola completely dissolves a side of beef (bones and all) in three days. while cruxifiction is pretty dolorous, i think that having one's feet chained to the bottom of a swimming pool filled with coke should be somewhere near the top of the list. you know you're having a bad day when you watch yourself dissolve.
just a thought. the whole "magical powers of carbonated soft drinks" thing would be a nice science club addition, too.
-liz, devoted fan.


I caught myself in a bad position some days ago as I walked campus here at The University of South Florida, specifically when I crossed through the Fine Arts building. Inside, there are a number of sculptures that come and go with time, but one of them has stayed for years, even decades (or so I'm told): it is a crab, completely made of what appear to be paper clips fused together.   The bad position I've been put in is that being an avid reader of your pranks pages had me eye this particular piece of art in a different light. This massive, metal sea creature began speaking to me. No, not literally, but I've had a difficult time removing the urge to play a prank on it and each time I pass by it the calling seems louder. The question: what do I do with it? This is why I've e-mailed you -- I would like suggestions.

Images, here: 

(the deck of cards is for size reference -- its a big beast!)

How would you "beautify" this crab composed of corroded metal? A massive cup of melted butter? Is it holding a sign? Any input is appreciated!

If I'm able to pull off what you suggest, I'll be sure to send many photos.


Don't konw if you have already seen this, but you'll like this spoof, the "3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference"


Wow, Reader feedback week. That's exciting. I figure I should take this opportunity to say that I <3 your site, and have for a while, since I was incapacited with wisdom teeth removal and didn't leave the house for two weeks.

If you'd ever like to visit my site, it's at

Leave a note, say hello!!!


Jess McNabb, Toronto

Amazing website!  Coincidentally, I have a site as well that is very similar to yours.  Except it doesnt have as many pictures.  Or a section called How much is inside?, Pranks, or Science club episodes for that matter.   And its not actually on the Internet either.  Its basically just a picture that I drew on a scrap piece of paper.  Id send it to you but its my only copy and I think it might be worth something someday.  Be on the lookout for it on Ebay one day. 


Keep up the good work and all the best.


I believed I first stumbled upon your website from a link on Real Life comics. Ever since then, it has supplied my friends and I with endless amount of "laugh out loud" opportunities. But one question forever burns in our brains. 

Which of the girls on the site is/was your girlfriend?

We're taking bets. :)

Love from the University of Central Florida,


here's an interesting one for you: I quite often lend small amounts of cash without really expecting repayment, ie $1-2 for a soft drink/coffee, or similarly buying a round of beers at the pub, when you only stay for one.

Of course these sorts of favours woudl usually occur on a rotating basis, but often you will have one friend with better income and/or budgetting skills who will take the brunt...



ps hope the "toothpaste in a jar" jar was nice and clean (also "fluoro" not "flouro" in the active ingredient, which I have noticed is now sodium fluoride here in Australia, no longer sodiummonofluorophosphate for us!) pps, better include a "not large attachment", in fact, I'll do a link to make it nothing to download in your mail server:

(my car after a particularly muddy rally)



Did you know that Colgate's first toothpaste was in a jar?  Well, it was.  It was nineteen-century-rific!
(El Capitan Ovious)

I see that you already have spotted dick on your menu, but this package is a bit different even though it's the same manufacturer.

The dick mix was spotted in Grass Valley, CA.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

You're the expert, right?




PS- love the site!!!!!!

Ok, so this letter has two purposes. First, to reserve a prankster shirt (why reserve is explained in the second part). Second, I wanted to bitch about U-Bank (ie known as US Bank) and have that bitch session placed in full view. I have no checking account right now due to US Banks complete and utter incompetence. Nearly 2 months ago I left a bank card in the ATM and called the next day to get a new one. I told them which branch to ship it too, not to change the PIN number, and to call my cel number. They at least mailed this card, but failed to follow the other directions. I later found out that the branch I had it sent to had horrible hours for me being able to pick it up (opened after I went to work, closed before I got home and no weekends) so I called up again and asked them to send it to the branch next to my work. 5 weeks, 8 phones calls, 4 hours wasted on it, and several trips to the bank later still no card. Not quite the five star service they guarantee. So, for the first time since I turned 8, I am not a U-Bank customer. I am actually in the process of looking for a new bank to be my checking branch, but as of yet I don't have one. Since I don't have a checking account or paypal, I wanted to ask you to reserve a shirt for me until such time as I have an account.


ie Brad

I thought this would be as good a time as any to email you.  Wonderful site, I love all the science clubs and "How much is inside?" adventures.  Keep up the great work!
January 19, 2004
Shaved Pigs
Hey Rob!
Thankyou so much for the wicked tshirt.... i hardly take it off its great!
It came quite soon after you sent it and i was very happy when i opened it up.
Thanks again

Hi Rob,

Love your site.  But, you do have too much time on your hands.  Got a friend originally from So Cal, but now lives here in WI who has a link to your site.  Thought you might like his and link to it.  Check it out!

Thanks for keeping me busy during my work hours.


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