Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Hey, i really enjoy your site, and today i realized i had read juat about everything on it, and so i searched for articles i hadn't read. I stumbled upon your travelogue for when you drove cross-country, and found 2 tiny errors with your captions for "Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana." I am from Omaha, NE, and attend school in Kearney. You have incorrectly labeled the Archway Monument as being in Iowa. The Archway Monument, which was erected to display the westward movement (check out if you want) is about 1 mile East of Kearney, so it's pretty far from Iowa. The only other thing i am going to comment about is the "giant transparent dome" in Omaha, NE. It is actually the "Desert Dome," part of the Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the biggest and most renowned zoos in the world. It is the world's largest indoor desert and is home to many different animals found in desert climates around the world. pretty interseting stuff, actually. (check out for more info on the Henry Doorly Zoo) anyways, i love your site, keep up the good work!

Matt Pavlik, Omaha/Kearney, NE

Hey Rob, the site rocks and I've spent waay too much time at work clicking away on it. Thanks for the infotainment!
- Aaron
Princeton, KS


Yo Rob,

I was just about to take some clothes down to the St Patrick's Charity for the orphans and homeless but thought you might like a crack at them first! LOL, just kidding man, in hindsight it was a silly thing to be concerned about. You must be pretty busy because there hasn't been much added to your site since I visited it a couple of months ago.

Hope you don't consider this a large attachment, but I thought you might find this picture I took of the spaceneedle at new year cool.


Can you do something with potted meat? I mean, it's potted meat for God's sake!! How funny is that!
It is not a full formed idea. This came from enjoying my Wendy's lunch today that included my side salad with "Fat Free French-Style Dressing", which had me wondering, why French-Style, why not French? and made me think back to the days when you could buy meat-product, thus the potted meat question. Like, hoe much potted meat would it take to make a life-sized bust of Elvis? Or how many vienna sausages would it take to get here to the moon?
Go forth and have fun with science--
Elyssa Kaplan
Hi Rob-
Since you are displaying every letter you get this week, I wanted to let everyone know I am wishing myself a big, fat fabulous 31st birthday.
Thanks and keep up the good work!
-Diane Galeone
Hello Rob,

I enjoyed reading your article about "workfromhome".

Do you have a Geramn translation?


Ralf Busby

We had a grad-student conference here in Vancouver on demographic shifts in Asia, and I used a bunch of pictures from to spice up my power point presentation on fertility rate predictions! The elf and the picture of you in the Chinese fast food hat and the dude with his quick costume trophy were especially popular.

This is the one site on the web that I can turn to, year after year, for both accurate news and reliable information. Thank you!

-Vogdoid Mitchell

Dear Rob:
I saw a guy who looked just like you at a festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Was it you, or your evil twin?
Oh yeah, and one more question...
What do you get when you cross Otto von Bismarck with a roll of electrical tape?
-William Epting
... Sacramento at last cracked the top 10!

I have been reading your website for about a year now, and I believe you may be the funniest person on the planet.  Your Turbo-Executive and Shameless Pirate actually made me laugh so hard that Slim-Fast Chocolate Royale came out of my nose. (And I wasn’t even drinking any at the time!)  I wanted to shamelessly copy you by putting fake signs over “Stork Parking for new mothers only” signs, but my husband thought I would “get in trouble.”  He’s no fun.  Maybe I’ll do it anyway.  I hate those signs.

Your devoted reader and fan,


Pittsburgh , PA

Re: silly string

you should try shooting it off a tall building.

Wow! The strange stuff sold on e-bay gets better everyday. First, it's an aircraft carrier, now it's toothpaste in a jar. I may buy the damn stuff for spreading on toast...;) Great site, keep up the good work!

J Wong

Hi there Rob!
I'm just writing to check if you got the message with the translated texts.
Hi Rob,

I don't suppose you remember, but a long while ago you sent me some of those UPC labels for Safeway's discount card. I figured Safeway == Vons, but unfortunetly I went down and registered for their card and it has a magnetic strip on it. There isn't an easy way to forge those, unfortunetly. Also, I wanted to inquire about one of the items on the "Cheap List"--nameley, what good does buying and returning a textbook repeatedly until the end of the course do? I had a difficult time figuring that one out. Do you mean to say that you only purchase the book for an assignment or something? It boggles the mind, Rob.

Anyhow, have a great day.



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