Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Last March I was in Sacramento for a week for an event, and over the weekend we went to Old Town and then to the mall right up the street.  Standing outside of a shop, I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye that looked eerily familiar; it was the Terrace Cafe sign that was subject to your high profile sculpture replacement prank. 
Needless to say, that was terribly exciting.  I took a photo of it because it was seriously too cool to stand within the vicinity of a former prank site of the great Rob Cockerham.  You continue to be a source of entertainment on an internet that seemingly is getting harder to find decent material on.  Keep up the good work!

- Adam K.

What was that about large attachments?

Seriously, I love your site. Thanks for keeping me laughing for hours when I should be, ahem, working? Your victimless pranks are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

I want to send a shout-out to my brother, TJ, and my brother-in-law, Mark. I told them to check out your site...even bought them each a sweatshirt so they'd remember the address. I gave them as thank-yous for standing up in my wedding.

The highest form of thanks:


Hi Rob!

My friend Brian wanted to say hello too, but can't

find a keyboard.


The first picture is of my friends draft-cross named Tucker and myself. The second picture is me and my thoroughbred, HotRod, at a show last winter. The 3rd picture is me and a friends Icelandic Horse named Fidla. That photo was taken at a local show; everyone was laughing at us. The horse behind us is another Icelandic, named Hrafnar, who is Fidla's running partner. The 4th picture is me and my baby Arabian mare, Tequila. It was taken in August 2003 after a night workout over jumps. Lovely! -Panther Feit


Ps: i love the yellow spring shoes sweatshirt. im really dying for one, they're gorgeous!



[hotrod and Filda shown]

You, sir, are a creative genius. I have read through the bulk of your

site, and I am supremely impressed with the amount of interesting (some

might say harebrained) ideas that you come up with. I wish that I could

have as much fun expressing my creative side as you do. Keep up the

good work!

Mike from NE

P.S. As a tribute to you, here is a very special "How Much Is Inside

This E-mail!"

105: Number of words

463: Number of characters (without spaces)

563: Number of characters (with spaces)

14: Number of lines

19.5: Kilobytes of data (as a Microsoft Word document)

I came across your sites a few days ago. I had been drinking frapuccinos and green tea. Not being able to sleep, I stayed awake for more than 36 hours reading nearly everything on your site.
I've also attached 2 pictures. One is my collection of bouncy balls. One day in vegas we played in the Midway at Circus Circus all day and won about 2,000 tickets. We got a few things, but didnt know what to do with the remaining 1,400 or so tickets, so we decided to cash the rest of tickets in bouncy super ball things. I forgot how many there was, like 230 or something, and the woman had counted them all out. The other picture is a leg that we found at school 3 years ago. I found the boot later on and put it on. Her name is Hillary.
My man and I have decided that you rock. We have decided that whenever we have an unanswerable question we will ask you. So here is the latest....pondered at the Weatherstone...
   Why does soy milk coagulate in coffee but not in an americano? I think its the temperature espresso is made at vs' cafe...pero???
   Have you seen this?
   Have you heard them?
ms. s and mr. d

It's a new IMPROVED fan email! This letter can leap tall buildings in a single bound! It can slice, it can dice, and can also use an entire jar of toothpaste in a single brushing! It contains 457% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin L, and will make you more powerful than King Kong and Mr. T combined! (*Empire State Climbing Safety Harness and Plethora of Gold Chains not included - Send $49.95 in a self addressed envelope for instructions on how to order*) Everyone on your block will be envious of your fabulous new fan letter! People will stop and stare! Other even stranger people might even wave flags! So here it is...The fan letter you have been waiting for all your life...(drumroll, please)...

Your site is awesome!! I love it! It makes me laugh!!! You rock!

>From your favorite pal you never met,

Kim from Toronto, Canada


Your website has been a great public service these past few years. Hoping you will post all emails sent, I would like to get this picture looked at by as many people as possible. This is a painting of an old friend and I would like to try and get it back into his hands. His name is Hubert. This pic was painted from a photo taken prolly in 1981 or 82 in Houston TX. I'm pretty sure his hair is much fatter and longer than it is in this shot. He was in his early 20's then. I think he has a son who is a smaller/spitting image of his dad. Knowing him, they probably both skateboard, snowboard and surf. I just think it would be right to get this portrait back to his family. If anyone has any info, please contact me via email.


The Oracle

Greetings Mr. Cockerham,

I give you one word.


Alektorophobia is a persistent, abnormal, and

irrational fear of chickens that compels one to avoid

them, despite the awareness and reassurance that they

are not dangerous.



I guess if I didn't get a postcard from Mars, I'll try my luck with feedback.

grouchymike at

Dear sir,

I did a search on Google for "The devil doesn't get to have any food" and somehow ended up at your site. The first thing that caught my eye was the science club; hours later I found myself calling in yet another family member to witness the subtle genius of the java city prank. Then try to imagine my horror as I saw the faithful protagonist pointlessly taking his life into his hands under the guise of "Light bulb Antics". How you ask? The answer is simple: Osmium. Osmium is a little known element almost exactly in the middle on the periodic table. It lies inconspicuously in between iridium and rhenium. An interesting fact about osmium is that it is the heaviest naturally occurring metal. It is so heavy in fact, that a brick sized chunk of it would weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 52 lbs (I did a report on Osmium in sixth grade). Another interesting fact about osmium is that when heated, it releases poisonous gas which can affect one's eyes, skin and lungs. If you have not already guessed where I'm going, chew on this. One of the industrial uses for osmium used to be *gasp* light bulb filaments. Imagine with what reckless cavalier abandon you were taking the life of yourself (and your friends) by burning the filaments out in the open for god and everyone to see. For whatever reason they don't make filaments out of osmium anymore, but who knows how old those light bulbs were? Obviously you are ok (or I hope you are) so I am not worried. Still I thought you might like to know anyway, for the purely scientific merit if nothing else. 

Warmest regards,

Rev. Amariah Fuller

P.S. My friends are having a "Fight Party" this saturday in you sister's neck of the woods (Oakland) and It's something that you might just like. There is always close to a couple hundred people that turn up and unlike Fight Club you don't "have to fight" But there is plenty of free drinks, no admission, and crazy antics (couches burning in the middle of the street and people dragging things on fire behind their motorcycles) Ok so all the crazy antics involve things burning, but it something to see nonetheless. Also, since Oakland has that pesky crime problem, the police almost never show up. So if you're not busy this Saturday I the Reverend A. Fuller personally invite you to the fight party. You can check out their website at

P.P.S if you want to learn more about osmium check out

Well, since you're asking for feedback, I guess I'll throw in my 2: Your site is everything a good website should be: entertaining, interesting, frequently updated, and varied. Lots of pictures help, too. And while I'm sure it's a labor of love, I'd still like to express my gratitude for all the hard work you've put into it.
so, how come all your chick friends are hot and all mine are... well... not as presentable?



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February 23, 2004.  

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