How to Set up a Lemonade Stand for your kids

Painting over Grafitti

Photographic Height Weight Chart

5' 4", 260 lbs.

5'9", 200 lbs.

5' 2" 170 lbs.

5' 5", 120 lbs.

How Much is Inside?

How Much is Inside a Pumpkin?

How Much is Inside Granola Bars?

How Much is Inside a Lick of Ice Cream

How Much is Inside Bacon Bits?

Science Club

Eyeclops - Bionic Magnifier

Coldest drink in town?

Insulation Testing

Hot Air Bubbles

How To Guides

How to Get Rid of a Cooler of Rotten Meat

50 Backyard Fence Ideas

How to change a flat tire

How to Change your Oil and Filter


Roseville Mall Time Machine

Installing a broken time machine at the Roseville shopping mall.

Arden Mall Ashtrays

Installing some unlikely ashtrays in an indoor shopping mall.

Paparazzi Contest

Fabricating my own celebrity sighting mob at a local mall.

TGIFriday's Menu Swap

Creating and Installing phony menu pages at a popular chain restaurant.

Incredible Creations

pet coffin

Jenga Costume

Feather Pinwheel

The Fireworks Cyclone


Sacramento visitor tips

After writing a few travel journals for other cities, I decided to write an article for my own town of Sacramento. It is titled "Why would anyone want to visit Sacramento?

New York and Washington 2002

Sometime around the middle of March, I was offered a chance to drive a car across the US.

Omaha, Nebraska 2006

Stacy and I, along with our young daughter decided to brave the autumn cold and visit Stacy's brother Richard in Nebraska.

2008 Maker Faire

I visited the Maker Faire again in 2008.


The $3,600 Honda Accord - People fall for it

Walmart vs Target: 2013 Price Comparison

Viagra vs. Marijuana - Which is Easier to Buy?

Comcast Service and Equipment Return Locations

Photographic Height Weight Chart

Herbalife Analysis

TV AD Database

Staff Page

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Friends: Retrocrush
Deluxe Vectors
One Foot Tsunami
Defective Yeti
Improv Everywhere
Nick Berry's Site

How to Fix a Fence

Famous Directors and their Movies


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