Banana Split Comparison

Hiring a Home Depot Guy

Photographic Height Weight Chart

5' 4", 260 lbs.

5'9", 200 lbs.

5' 2" 170 lbs.

5' 5", 120 lbs.

How Much is Inside?

How Much is Inside a roll of Glad Wrap?

How Much is Inside a Million Dollars

How Much is Inside a Christmas Tree?

How Much is Inside Bacon Bits?

Science Club

Collecting Data

Barry Marshall Fan Page

On the Street: Guess Your Blood Alcohol Level Booth

End Rubbernecking

How To Guides

How to paper mache

How To guides on

How to Make a Sign

50 Backyard Fence Ideas


Chad Bikes America

Photographing the phony adventures of Google's favorite bicycling employee.

Caution: Ant

Constructing an unlikely danger zone in a neighborhood park.

TGIFriday's Menu Swap

Creating and Installing phony menu pages at a popular chain restaurant.

Starbucks Chairs

Installing some mis-identified folding chairs on a streetcorner in san Francisco.

Incredible Creations

paparazzi costume

California costume

Feather Pinwheel

QR Code Costume


Sacramento Reptile Show

Shows like this are really odd events, they are just marketplaces with a bunch of vendors set up in a convention center. 40 snake vendors? This sounded like it would be worth seeing.

Bulgaria & Turkey Travel

In November and December of 2001, I travelled to Bulgaria and Turkey. It was amazing & I brought back a few stories and tons of photos. Special thanks to Daniel James for loaning me a tiny Actius laptop.

New York and Washington 2002

Sometime around the middle of March, I was offered a chance to drive a car across the US.

2007 Maker Faire

I visited the second Makers Faire at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in 2007.


Amazing Packages of Prepared foods at Safeway

What to Expect when the Price of Gas Falls below Zero

Cash for Clunkers ends Friday

The bankrupt gift card

Photographic Height Weight Chart

Herbalife Analysis

TV AD Database

Staff Page

News Feed:

Friends: Retrocrush
Deluxe Vectors
One Foot Tsunami
Defective Yeti
Improv Everywhere
Nick Berry's Site

How to Fix a Fence

Famous Directors and their Movies


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