Reader Feedback Week 2004

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First, thanks for the great site. :-)
Second, where the heck did you get that salsa bowl?  Because I have one *exactly* like it and I don't know where the heck *my* bowl came from!  Actually, that's not quite true -- some friends were moving and they gave me a bunch of stuff and the bowl was in the stack of stuff they gave me ... I just used it last weekend at dinner where, ironically, it held not salsa, but chips.
    To prove this is actually the identical bowl, it's got some kind of Chinese characters on the bottom, right?  Embossed in the white plastic, or melamine -- is melamine a plastic?  Anyway it's hard and it feels like it should be brittle but it's not, I've dropped it dozens of times (don't tell my wife) and it doesn't break, or even scratch.  I've grown quite attached to my bowl, actually, and I'm assuming it must've been picked up at some Chinese/Asian store sometime (my friends are from Singapore) but I've been in a lot of Asian markets since then and I've never seen this bowl.  So if you bought this bowl originally, where'd you get it?  I'd love to get a set!
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    P.S.  I prefer La Victoria salsa to Pace, myself. :-)
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Study: Learning to Juggle Causes Changes in Brain

Very interesting to read about your adventures and such. Wish I had kept journals on my trips now. Also like the pranks. Actually they are an interesting study of our social system. I have noticed that allot of times you just have to act like you own the place and people will let you do anything!

Sounds like you really enjoy life. I am working more towards that end and getting out more. Have been doing photography for a while and now its starting to pay. I use a Canon D10 and Digital Rebel. Work kind of consumed me for a while but now I work government and make less but have more time. Finishing my private pilot and looking for some more traveling.

Well nuff for now. Keep up the good work and look forward to updates.

Scott Riddle

I enjoy your site.  I want to see you calculate how many possible moves there are in a rubik's cube.  That would definetly be very interesting.
Your loyal reader,
It's the last day of RFW so I thought I oughta sneak my note in. I've been frequenting your site for a couple years now and I can't get enough. Every time I see someone do a towel-shot of Goldschlager I break down laughing. Keep it up.
Michael Taylor 
hi Rob,
AOL sucks.
For dinner tonight I had canned Hormel tamales and 6 bottles of Miller High Life beer. 
Im sending you the team pic of my winter of 2002 Albuquerque Hockey League championship team.  Im on the top row all the way on the right.  Im the youngest and best looking player on the team.  You bet your ass I am.
AOL sucks.
John Latham

[image garbled, AOL sucks]

hi Rob,
Im sending you a picture of my dad.  He lives in Louisiana.  I live in Arizona.
The Chinese make good pizza.
John Latham
When did I first begin to love you?
Autumn in New York, ashen rain mixing with our tears--
Next summer, July Fourth, twenty-six flags flapping on our twenty house block--
That unexpected freeze, when our car slid off the road, but you kept eating Ritz crackers and never blamed me--
Or maybe Tuesday, this week, when we watched him on TV and you mumbled "That goddamn evil moron is ruining this country."
I think that's when I loved you best, Grandma.

I haven't the slightest recollection of how I wound up on this site initially, but I'm glad I did. This is by far one of the most entertaining sites I have ever stumbled upon-- I wouldn't be at all surprised if a whole slough of copycat webpages surface, if they haven't already. Thank you for being the original! 

I've been collecting pennies in a jar for years, and it has been sitting in despondent solitude on my desk-- ever wonder how much you could buy with a jar full of pennies, let alone the cashier's reaction at attempting to pay with something of the sort? I'll gladly donate both.


Trevor Patrick Watkin

Longmont, CO

I'm stationed in camp casey, you sent me one of the mars postcards. I just read the How Much Is Inside Salsa, and you mentioned about wearing gloves if you are doing the test in korea... 

I can't seem to find salsa here in camp casey :(

Nor do the stores in korea have it when I made it from scratch, the korean soldiers that I work with have never  tried it before! help me start a salsa campaign in korea!

-PFC Eric Hebert

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February 28, 2004.  

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