Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Flashback 1985!

Lee Burt


I'm sure you've gotten dozens of comments saying exactly what I'm about to say, but I've never been one to stand out from the crowd.
Concerning your comment in your "Tattoo Removal Science Project", you said, "At least Tara's triangle is light enough that it isn't the first thing you'd notice about her.". I'd like to say honestly, that wasn't the first thing I noticed about her. She's attractive as hell. The massive blood blister was especially hot.* I wouldn't mind seeing her in more of your articles, hopefully not involving pus, mucus, or oozing pustules.


*This statement may or may not be true.
Hello, Rob.
    Greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My wife, Courtney, and I enjoy your site very much and felt that this was as good a time as any to say so. We love the regular "science club" stuff and have had hours of fun rooting through your archives. You and your friends really seem to have a good time and it really comes through, even to the other side of the continent.
    I am including the address to my own website. I hope you get a moment to check it out. I have put a link to on my links page. I hope this is O.K.
Take care,
Glen K. Amo
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Rob -

Can i just say that I am very impressed in the depth of research that has

gone into the herballife report.

I'm from the UK, and before Christmas I must have filled in a questionairre

(i think it was for a prize draw) during which I answered the question

"would you like to earn loads of cash by working from home?" (i can't

remember the exact wording, but it was something like this)

I got a phone call on saturday 17 Jan from some guy called Marcus. He asked

me more about my ideals about working for myself - so I answered honestly -

that I was an IT guy, and that I have previously run my own consultancy, and

really enjoyed the troubleshooting aspect of it.

Anyway he said that he'd mail me a CD that would explain it all.

Before people start getting alarmed, I am well aware about the scams that

businesses try - I'm more familiar with the scam where you assemble products

at home, but no matter how well you make them they're never quite good

enough to meet their high quality standards.

So anyway - joy of joys... My CD arrived today, with a UK version of the

video. I tried to be fair, but after 15 minues of not being told what I

would be doing as part of this fantastic oportunity I decided to check out

the sites on the net.

You see Sneakers was on TV at the time, and myself and my brother got all

inspired to find out more.

The web sites that were sent were : and

A quick WHOIS search soon reported that both sites were inded owned (or

appered to be owned by Lisa and Marcus Warnes, who appear to be the people

who sent me the CD)

I can't stress enough the value that can be gained through a WHOIS query -

(eg : if you get a spam mail from someone, I never respond directly to it -

as the account could be misrepresented. Instead I look who ownes the web

site, get their email address, and then I sign them up for more spam - it's

amazing as the whois record gives most of what you need to know to implement

that..... I send that email from a

separate send only routine, and just clear it down once every few months.)


The site information link on the gave the following



This website is operated on behalf of B.I.G. Marketing 01304 371771

The name and address of the business opportunity provider is :

Herbalife (UK Limited)

Senator Court

4 Belmont Road




Please be aware that it is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a

trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits

from getting others to join a scheme.

When considering this business opportunity, do not be misled by claims that

high earnings are easily achieved.

The goods, which are sold under this system, are nutrition and personal care


Transactions are effected by participants.


So - we tried to locate B.I.G. Marketing at - all UK

companies (that's VAT registered companies) should be registerd there - I

believe. We were unable to locate B.I.G. Marketing.

We checked bbc watchdog site (british consumer affairs TV programme), but

that came up empty.

A check where the experts are ( revealed your site, and your

indepth article.

You'll be pleased to know that I am currently copying the CD, and will

arange for a copy to be sent to you if you wish - I checked the video file

out, and there seems to be no copyright information present

I was never serious about entering this business oportunity - I always get

nervous when someone wants me to do something, but won't give details.

There's a whole CD here with a whopping 254 mb of data on it. If you want a

copy I can sort it out for you.

Cheers Rob -

Mike & Dave Hingley


PS - spent loads of time surfing you site - infact it's now 3am, and some of

us have got to be up in 4 hours to go to work!

Hey Rob,

I live in Sacramento!  But that's just an insignificant fact.  I'm a fan of your site and wanted to pass some info along to you.  I noticed your link and story on "Free Electronics" and so on.  So I thought I'd send you a copy of the email I got after being a dork and paying $9.95 for it.  I actually am a eBay addict and am usually very careful but got carried away one day while at work and wasn't paying attention.  Maybe it was the Morrissey I was listening to.  Anyways.  I bid on a copy of Metroid Prime for my GameCube only to find out that it was info on how to get the game for cheap.  Well not really... I think it's all b.s. personally so I pass it on to everyone I can.  As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to pay to post the info on eBay as a listing but actually list the info on eBay for free.  I'm willing to pay the .35 cent fee 4 times a month or whatever just to spite these people who are selling this crap.  So maybe we can get as much of this info together as we can and I'll post it all under the same listing.  It will have directions that say something along the lines of DON'T BID ON IT, IT'S FREE!  GET THE INFO FOR FREE THAT OTHERS PAY FOR ON A DAILY BASIS.  Or whatever, you get the point. 

What do you think?


(worthless free electronics information Aaron bought for $9.95)
hi Rob,

tonight I had a Tombstone frozen pizza. The cheese one.


Heya Rob! Glad you could read my email without stabbing your eyes out from reading all the flood of emails before mine. Anyways, I was wondering if you've ever met the guys on Mythbusters?
It's a pretty cool show. You could do a guest appearace or something!

Keep up with the good work, I wanna see more How Much Is Inside segments! =D


I'd like to send creative praise for, but instead I'll offer a way for you to get rich! (or at least get an off-the-wall "How Much Is Inside?" episode). I present for your examination: How much is inside a cash back credit card?
I may try this myself, but I don't have the Internet presence that you do, so good luck and may you earn 5% back on all of your purchases.
Grant Gandy
Atlanta, GA
Dear GeoCities Member,

We noticed that you haven't updated your web site in a while. If you wish to keep your web site, we encourage you to update it within the next 30 days so that it will not be deleted due to inactivity. If your web site is deleted, visitors will no longer be able to access your web site and all files will be permanently deleted.

Hi Rob.
I was very pleased to receive a Mars Postcard today. I appreciate the extra effort you took to send the card all the way to Australia.
In return, I have a postcard here which I will send to you, if you wish. All that this lonely little postcard wants is your postal address. Understandably, you might be wary sending out an address, but I promise not to send it on or subscribe you to any debaucherous magazines.
Also, I have a large number of mp3s spanning diverse genres which I will happily send over on cd if you wish. In one of your articles you mentioned tricky and the beta band. I happen to have four cds by those two great artists. Rock? Plenty. Electronica? A sizable portion. Polka? Not quite, but I'm working on it.
I know it is reader feedback week, but please do not post this email on your website. Thanks.
All the best,
-André Pretorius
Hey man! Awesome site, I liked reading your travel journals, about pranks, and experiments.

I've noticed around someone is selling Herbalife to Hispanics AND they are advertising at Suds Yer Duds.

Its funny that your A-frame sign is still up on J Street.



I love your site and science. I always knew science could be fun. Thanks for hours of stuff to look at.


Enjoy. Hope its not too big.

Your loyal fan, Spencer


hey man great site, i still have my $10,000, its good stuff, cant buy much with it surprisingly on my site i have "how much is in a video tape is in a video cassette?," inspired by your experiments. i also have features that include "how to start a cult" "how to be a ninja" "snowmen" and much more

keep up the good work

-Pat, the grillrat


Impressive work on all counts.

You may find this amusing.


Sebastian S. Stirling

January 20, 2004
I wanna say thanks. Thanks for a buncha entertainment.

I also wanted to point out something about the cellphone camera I sent you pictures from. The images lend themselves well to photoshop playing.

Since you requested no large attachments, here is a small one. The texture of the sky in this shot is 100% due to the camera.

Keep up the good work!


Hey Rob,

I just noticed on your fake sign page that you say

the sign is pointing right both toward the mall and across the street..

but across the street is left. Anyways take care


Oh yeah since this is reader appreciation week let me advertise my blog

if you don't mind :) Check out for

all the important news and commentary you may have missed. It's all of

the most important stuff in one place.

Peace and big up cockeyed

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