Reader Feedback Week 2004

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I was breifly watching Nat. Geographic last eve. A Doctor in UK is giving Vit-Nutrients to violent offenders-they experienced a reduction in violent behaviour...

Just be will end up slaying windmills...


Ello rob. I must say, thats one fine website you have created these past few years. When I first found it through who knows how i spent a few good hours laughing and staring in amazement at all the crazy things you've made and done. I do like those things and pranks you create. There have been many a time I thought "Gosh darn! That Rob Cockerham is sure a swell fellow, I wish i could be like him." Not many people could get 9 bucks for a picture of a clock, but you do and you deserve to. I must suggest you keep up the good work....pretty please. You've made one high-schooler in the middle of Missouri a little bit less bored.


A wonderful side, indeed! But here is the thing..

I'm moving soon to where I won't have constant internet available, except at school. Could you please convert your new features into a 30's era musical, which can be videotaped and sent to me? I'll pay for all production costs! Thanks, Rob! 

-Robert Haydon

Wonder if Art Bell has seen this juicy picture. Is that loon still alive?


The only photoshopin’ done was a little contrast/brightness. Confirm it here:

Its about half way down and just left of center.




all of your different things on the site are amazingly interesting and unique, just like you! i find happiness in your writing whenever i visit the site and it is an infinite source of artful inspiration, im not even homosexual and i think you are an attractive man! I bet the ladies maul you whenever you are out public. i bet your cockerham is huge too! anyway all jokes and insincerities aside, i truly do enjoy your site, its very funny, and you are hilarious. keep up the great work. your site is unique and mind

blowingly entertaining.


Hey Rob,
      Love your site. I discovered it about 8 months ago, and I am hooked lol. I check it daily for updates. The "how much is inside" adventures are great, they provide answers to questions in many people's heads, including my own. Your "incredible creations" are incredible, i especially like the paparazzi costume. I also believe that there is nothing that you can't create out of paper mache. The "pranks" are genius, I see that the buy 2 get one free sign is currently still up. I tell most everyone I can about, and how great of a site it is, for example i visited the Erie county fair this summer, and while the salesperson at the adelphia powerlink (cable isp) booth was giving her speech to one of my friends, I proceeded to change the home page on their demo coputers to lol. However it didn't last too long, we walked by a while later, and she had switched them back, but it was a thrilling experience lol. Keep up the great work.    
Hey Rob, I hate those cards!! Please send me the bar code.
Hi Rob,

Your website is cool and cute!

I have a question, what would you buy with 80 million


Amy Ma

Ahoy there Rob!

What's happening??

I'm Heather. Your site rocks. I'm watching ER right now...the lesbians had a baby...that rocks! I'm drinking coke right now (no...I'm not a druggie...despite the fact that I babble incoherently sometimes). I don't know what to say...just the fact that the only reason I'm sending this is cause it's reader feedback week. Does this mean I have to give you feedback?

Cause I don't got any. Just that you should keep on rocking! Yeah...Oooo I gotta question for you! How do you think of all those crazy ideas? Do you have a life? No offence...Well anyways... Your pimpnificent pal


PS Haaaarrrrr. I added a little song for your amusement.


HI...I really like your site and the way you think with both sides of your brain, and you are awesome.  You never fail to impress me.  Now that youve given so much to me, Id like to share the most important idea Ive ever came across.  This is a short article by a libertarian (the ideology not necessarily the party) writer I like.  There are more where this comes from.  Check it before you wreck it!

link to Property and Order, by Butler Shaffer

January 16, 2004
I figured I would take advantage of your fan appreciation week by exploiting your site for my personal gain. I need to sell this guitar and some gear. Craigs list really sucks. SO IF YOU ARE IN THE PORTLAND AREA PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE INFORMATION ON A SWEET GUITAR --------------->

Its a Jackson Reverse Pro.


Oh Rob BTW

My Shaolin Kung Fu beats your Thai One Armed Boxing. WHAAAAAAAAA! HI YAH! WHAAAAA!

Dear Robert,


After your recommendation of using Bounty paper towels as a parachute I would like to inform you that I have hairline fracture down the front of my femur. This means I cannot walk very well and so my use of Bounty paper towels is now non existent! You have let me down. What do you have to say to this?


However I must thank you for the recommendation for using Bounty as a parachute, I now run an official club using Bounty sheets as parachutes. I would like to offer you an honorably membership in my club.


Another very efficient paper towel Is Charmin Ultra, I strongly recommend this paper towel and intent to use this in my parachute experiments in the future.


Re: Jar of Toothpaste:


is jar a heavy-duty "rubbermaid" brand?

is lid a "screw-off" or "snap-off" type?

kindest regards,



i just recently saw your site, and i'm loving it! in times like these, we need laughter and good jokes, and your site certainly takes care of that. in fact, once i get my site re-launched later this month, i'm putting your site up for the Feburary 2004 site of the month, just because it deserves it. so great job and continue the great work!

oh yeah, the address is dont judge it right now though, later this month a big redesign is going up, and feburary 1st your site is going up for site of the month.

Rob, I want you to be the father of my children.

Let's do it!

By the way, a livejournal "friend" of mine hung out with you and your gang recently and posted pictures. I was ecstatic to see you! I hope to move to where you live so that I can stalk you more easily.

Much love,


You bring me belly laughs on a daily basis.  Thanks.
I've attached something I've been working on.  The alien is drawn by my 4-year old son, Noah. You may not know this, but apparently the only difference between humans and aliens is the fact that aliens' hair grows on a separate "hair head."  Otherwise, they're pretty much the same as us.  Zag is my brother-in-law.  He's always fightin' aliens and stuff.
Keep up the good work!
P.S. Zag & Noah's Alien first tangled on the moon.
I dont know if you still have your Integra or not, but there is a site dedicated to messing with that generation of Integra and keeping in mind your love of experimenting, it might be just the thing.
I used to have one just like the red one I saw in your Dustoff experiment (It sure seemed like yours).
Kenny Downs, MCP
Just FYI, the 5 gallon kegs are called "Cornelius" or "Corny" kegs and are a favorite of homebrewers.

Love the site. I'd really love to see "How much is in Duct Tape?"

Acy Stapp

My girlfriend got the postcard you sent during your trip to Mars. We

both love it! 


First, I really appreciate your website and second, check out

Cockeyed has been a favorite of our group since we found it about 2 years ago. We support you Rob!

Amanda V. Sitko

I know you probably get a ton of suggestions, but….


My friend and I were walking in the rain the other day, and we wondered if running in the rain actually caused less water to accumulate on your clothes and hair then walking.  People were running like crazy around us, and he thought it didn’t matter.  Any thoughts about it?




More! I want more!

There is not enough Cockeyed to fill my entertainment void. I thoroughly enjoy your humor. But as a rampant consumer of free funny I need a dealer who can keep up with my habit. Could I commission a "How much is inside?" or sponsor a "Science Club"?

I hate missing things; do you have a mailing list?


Is this considered a "large attachment"? [Photo garbled, thankfully]
Hey Rob! I just wanted to say that your site is nothing short of godlike!

I visit several times a week just to see what you posted next. I noticed that your site is so awesome in every way and has soo much traffic that I could only dream of having, so if you're as friendly and generous as I think you are, you will allow me to plug my very own website. 

Thanks for all the laughs and keep up the good work!

Thomas :)

Hey there Rob,
I would just like to commend you on your work against herbalife. I myself, just recently lost my job and am now searching for new opportunities to make money. I do not believe that I'm a 9-5 kinda guy, so I got a job in sales selling Home Security. The market is pretty good at least I make about 3 sales every 2 weeks. I'm not making a lot of money and so I was looking out for things to do part-time. Lo and behold, I found those (Herbalife) websites asking me for only $39 to start. It was amazing, $39 bucks isn't so bad, and if I can even recoup that money, it'll be great. I already sell knick-knacks on ebay, so how hard can selling things be.
I wanted to do some research on my own before I did anything, because I noticed that their were a couple of websites with the same M.O. Fortunately, for me, I came by your website, thoroughly read it, and thanks! for the warning. You seem to done a lot of research. Thanks!
Your research has made a difference here, now for me to go and fall into another scam:) heh... j/k.
Hope your having better luck than I am.
Hey Rob,

The toothpaste in the jar looks like beautiful, brightly colored brains. It's much more appealing than I thought it would be. I had a serious problem once with tube split. Tom's of Maine. The tube developed a big gash about halfway down, so we had to gather our toothpaste there instead of at the mouth. Toothpaste would come squirting out of the gash at the tiniest provocation; it was really annoying.

It was good to see you on Tuesday! Let's do a project next week.




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