Reader Feedback Week 2004

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Rory Neubauer


Loved the tattoo story but I think I liked the "How much is in a keg" story

better. :)

Especially the ending.


hey there!

i LOVE the toothpaste in the jar!  Hilarious, and yet i find it oddly beautiful.

you have once again provided maximum amusement.

(this email does not require reader week recognition.  i just wanted to let you know.)  :)


Hey Rob!
I have always wondered how much time and effort you actually put in your page. It is so extensive, and it seems to me that you put in a ton of work making this page for your viewers. I just wanted to say it means a lot to a large number of people. You should really be proud of your site!
I think you have some of the funniest pranks out there, keep up the good work!

-Chris McIntyre

Hah, as always, you amaze me, but I could swear I read about this in a book. I think it was one in the series of "Fudge" children's books when I was a kid. Oh well, keep the craziness up. It's always fun to read.
Hi rob,

This is your reminder for murder a la kings on Sat. Jan. 17.

Your current reply is Not Yet Responded.
Feb. 17, 2004
Dear Rob,
Thank you for the information at your site
While searching for a job, I found this add at Financial Freedom in 2004 ... Work At Home Online! Anywhere $120,000.00/yr FT. When I clicked on the apply button it took me to a site for GLOBAL ONLINE SYSTEMS. I read all the information on the site and it did sound pretty good but I don't jump into anything without researching it. I did a search and that is how came to read your very informative web pages. The Global Online Systems site did not mention Herbalife anywhere. I expect they know if they did they would not get very many suckers to $39.95 (Plus $9.00 Shipping) for their Decision Package.
Good luck on your quest to rid Sacramento of all those signs and posters. They are nothing but eye sores.
Sharon Wallin

my name is naomi and im from queensland,australia.

first of all you expirment was rather amusing!! !!...and cheezin n squeezin

looks really fun.

but mate, you have it all wrong!

directions -

toast bread

lather with butter (alot)

gently scrap 1/4 of a teaspoons worth of vegemite evenly on buttered toast.

u could even half that amount.

the problem with people who try vegemite for the first time is they use to

much simple as that, way to much.

gradually you will build up a tolerance and a need for more.

good luck !
This confuses me. Lusting after eldaritch Evil is wrong, right?
And just what the hell are you doing, COCKERMAN???  I'm sure you JUST did this out of the GOODNESS of your heart????!!!  BLAH, BLAH,BLAH!!!   I have helped several people improve their health and lose weight that has made them feel much better about themselves....who have you made feel better about themselves....EXCEPT yourself????  We ALL want to make money...You have to to survive.....But WHY NOT help people WHILE doing it.   I agree with the fact that the signs were a nuisance, a pollution and that something needed to be done BUT it is the way you went about getting something done that GETS me!!!!  OBVIOUSLY you're making money SOMEHOW in order to be able to spend such TIME, MONEY and EFFORT to build this case and MAINTAIN it???!!!  

Ello! The projects that you do are very entertaining and inspiring. You use your gifts to the extent and the randomness is tasty. You inspired me to do some crazy creative projects. You have earned the asparagus award from Peace


aka the SuPYo guy

Hi Rob,

Just curious if your going to make your sweatshirts in any larger sizes,

and maybe in a color that doesn't kill my eyes every time i try to look at

them. Also Keep up the great work on the site, its funnier and funnier

everytime i read it.


Thanks for the entertainment


-Chris"TheGreaser" Hickey


Dear Rob,

You have an excellent website. Please display this e-mail on it,

or failing that, recognize it.


Timothy Bolbrock


I really have nothing to say

But the reader feedback week idea is fun, so I'm mailing you anyway.

Wonderful fun site you have, always a good way to kill an hour or two sometimes.


hi.  i read your article online...very surprisd, but i believe it....i am an herbalife distributor trying to figure out why i became one!!  nothing has happened to me and the support was not there after they lured me in.  in your adventures thru herbalife, did you come across anything that gave distributrs options to sell back their inventory or anything of the sort??  herbalife hasn't responded back tome in regards to this question.  any info is highly appreciated.  thank you.  good article....
Here's part of a lab I wrote for a physics course I took in college. I forget what it was about. Let me know if you are interested in learning about calculating the gravitational constant, compton scattering, brazilian history, the quadratic seive factoring algorithm, or how Paulener Hefewiezen saved my life.

Morse Parameters and Vibrational Constants of the Diatomic Iodine Molecule


Could I go out and make my own Jar of Toothpaste, or do you own the rights?  


If you didn't catch this week's (1/17/04) "This American Life", you might want to catch the program online. It's a barn burner! The theme is "What I Should've Said." If features the story of an American green-anarchist kid, who was living in Amsterdam at the time, and how he conned his way into a White House Press Pass in order to disrupt a press conference given by Bush the First in Germany. There's also a fine short essay by Davis Sedaris. C'mon, like you were going to get any work done anyway...


I've been going to your site for a few years now, it's really super great.

Someday, when I'm not a poor starving college student, I'll find a way to support the site. I'm from Florida, but now I'm in DC, and I feel compelled to write because it's snowing. Well, the snow is melting so it will be gone by the morning, but I've never lived anywhere that got cold enough to snow. This is so cool.



January 18, 2004
Interesting fact about llamas - originally, syphillis was a llama disease.
When the South Americans used to take their herds up into the mountains to graze, it got lonely. So they got perhaps a little to close to their 'guard animals' and contracted the nasty condition.
From the herders to thier wives it was passed, and all was well (or, well enough) untill the Spaniards arrived.
Rape and pillage was the order of the day, and more than a few conquistadors were afflicted with syphillis after having sex with the herders wives (and maybe some of the herders themselves). As they hadn't encountered it before, none of them had antibodies to fight it off, and when they went back to Spain victorious and diseased it spread even further.

They are also supposedly <A HREF=>guard animals.</a>

From Sam (desperately seeking validation)

i love you :)


i wanna put your upc on my safeway card. pretty please
p.s. do you listen to 98 rock in the mornings?
Hey There!  I think your site is HILARIOUS!  I visited it a few months ago, I don't even know how I found it, but I read EVERY SINGLE THING on your site, and laughed my butt off!  I told all my bud's about it too, but they are too stuck on to visit anything new.  Thier loss!
I'm from Massachusetts, and I live near Fall River, where that McDonald's sign was posted, and I do remember seeing it, and not thinking twice about it.
Thanks for being the Coolest Cat on the web, and ROCK ON!
Mr. Torso loves you.

[and so does Nick from New Zealand]

I'm not sure how, but I stumbled upon your website and after spending a while there, felt compelled to send you a quick note. Dude, you kill me. Your twisted sense of humor is a welcome break from being on the road (I live in Socal, but work in Europe). What new plans do you have for the site in 2004? Don't ever let up getting the most out of life.
that's all,
I've been checking out your site for the last month or so and think it rocks the Kasbah! I'm not sure what the weather is like out your way, but back here in NY it is freezing! Anyway, to help get us North Eastern fans warmed up you should do a "Women of Cockeyed" feature. The nice women that help you deserve some recognition! They work hard to help you create this awesome website!
Keep up the good work!
Rock On!
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February 23, 2004.  

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