A Song Stopped the Aa - A Short Story Using All the Valid Two-Letter Words in Words With Friends

There are about 96 valid two-letter words in Words with Friends. Using them wisely and frequently is often the key to victory, so I recommend memorizing them. I hope this short story will help.

The decoder and word definitions follow.

A Song Stopped the Aa by Rob Cockerham

Em, my Scottish ex was very loving. She said I was her jo, the ae she was going to marry.

We grew apart when she began searching her qi, studying world religions et baking. She was learning about ba and ka from Egypt, Ki and Akkadian from Sumeria, blood and os from Haiti.

Myself, I’d rather visit wikipedia and read about Leonard da Vinci, or visit the zoo with an ipod, watching ai climb bo while I listened to Ryan Seacrest struggle to pronounce band names (“ar ef el em ay oh”) Ha! But I thought we were getting along well enough. I loved when Em would meditate while baking, chanting “om” while a za or pi was in the oven. Mm!

She ended it abruptly. “I am leaving”.

Saddened by the end of us, I examined my shortcomings. Did I need drivers ed? er, ab work?

I went to talk to my dad. He’s Vietnamese and full of keen advice. He didn’t look up from an op art nursery ad on television. The slogan was joined by a long ut on flute: “Lo! It’s Ag Mart!”

“Hi Pa.”

“Oi!”, he held up a finger.


“Sh!” He was staring at the ad, probably figuring the cost of al shrubs in xu.

“Um…” I pointed at my heart with a look of wo. “Ow.”

“Aw!” He thought for a moment. “Ah! Is she bi?”


“She into es and em?”

“En. Oh. NO!”


He began a story, “When the Mu Xi Nu fraternity was banned, I thought “Yo! I’ll go do something. I am going to toss in a chunk of aa through Dean Frank de Toledo’s window, then I’ll take an ax to his scale model of the Chicago el and that ridiculous ox from Bowling Green!”

“Ho!” I marveled.
Ay. But as I go, I hear singing. It was the song of a child, my ma’s oe a li up the hill practicing her scales, “fa fa fe, mi re la so, si si ti!”


“So the song, it caught my attention and gave me time to settle my id a bit. The mo passed. I ne threw the aa.”
He paused.

“Love is like od. If you care for Em, or any un, ye should let it be. Even if ya have to be alone for awhile.”

“Thanks Pa.”

“Oy! Now I’ve gotta go pe. Ta!”



Trying to become better at Words with Friends? Memorize this list of legal two-letter words!

When you destroy your Words with Friends opponents with an array of odd two-letter words, the post-victory confrontation will go smoother if you can back up your victory with an adequate knowledge of what all those damn two-letter words actually mean. Behold!

aa - Basaltic lava having a rough, jagged surface, what you fall into if you miss your AA meeting.
ab - Shortened form of abdominal muscle or injection-induced abscess.
ad - short form of "advertisement"
ae - One, from Scottish usage
ag - short form of "agriculture"
ah - an expression of surprise or delight.
ai - South American sloth with greenish fur and artificial intelligence
al - An Indian mulberry plant
am - first person singular present indicitive of be
an - a form of the word "a", used in front of words which start with a vowel.
ar - variation of "are" or the way to spell the name of the letter "R".
as - to the same degree, or for instance, or thought to be, or in the manner.
at - in, on or near. used to indicate a point or place.
aw - used to express disbelief or protest
ax - tool with a bladed head, for chopping wood.
ay - interjection used to express distress

ba - an aspect of the soul, from Egyptian religion. Represented as a human-headed bird.
be - to exist or happen
bi - short form of bisexual
bo - a type of tree or wooden staff
by - near

da - from or of, used in Portuguse and Italian names, like John da Vinci.
de - from or of, used in Spanish and French names, like John de Toledo.
do - perform or execute.

ed - short form of education
ef - way to spell the name of the letter "F".
eh - interjection which expresses a question or seeks confirmation
el - the elevated railway, also, the way to spell the name of the letter "L"
em - a measurement of type size, a way to spell the name of the letter "M"
en - also a measurement of type size, a way to spell the name of the letter "N"
er - interjection used to express confusion or to gain a pause
es - the way to spell the name of the letter "S"
et - an obsolete form of "and".
ex - short form of ex-girlfriend, the way to spell the name of the letter "X".

fa - the fourth musical note of diatonic scale
fe - iron

go - leave, travel

ha - laughing sound
he - the male pronoun
hi - a greeting
hm - interjection which expresses a humming consideration
ho - interjection used to express surprise

id - In Freudian theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs. Might be short for "instinctual drive".
if - a supposition or speculation
in - contained or enclosed by
is - Third person singular present indicative of be.
it - the animal or thing previously mentioned or under discussion

jo - sweetheart or dear, variation of "joy". Scottish

ka - soul within an object or person, Egyptian religion
ki - the Sumerian goddess personifying earth

la - oh, look. An exclamation expressing surprise
li - a Chinese unit of linear measure, equal to about one third of a mile (500 meters).
lo - interjection meaning look or see (thus "lilo" means "look 500 meters!")

ma - mother. See also yo yo.
me - I'm Rob. A pisces.
mi - a syllable representing the third tone of the diatonic scale
mm - interjection showing a noncommittment
mo - short form of moment
mu - the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet
my - of, belonging to or done by me

na - no. Scottish
ne - never
no - a negative response
nu - 13th letter of the Greek alphabet

od - a hypothetical force formerly held to be present in all of nature and to manifest itself in magnetism, chemistry.
oe - a grandchild. Scottish
of - used to indicate origin or distance from
oh - interjection used to express surprise
oi - interjection used to express dismay or annoyance.
om - a Hindu mantric word
on - supported by suspended from
op - short form of optical art
or - conjunction used to connect words or alternatives
os - a bone
ow - interjection used to express pain
ox - heavy draft animal
oy - interjection used to express dismay or annoyance.

pa - father
pe - 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
pi - A greek letter used as the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter: 3.14+

qi - In Taoism, the vital force in all things

re - the syllable used for the second tone of a diatonic scale.

sh - in interjection used to urge silence
si - fifth tone of a musical scale
so - in the way indicated

ta - short for thank you. British
ti - the syllable for the seventh tone of a diatonic scale
to - used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person or place

uh - interjection used to express hesitation
um - another interjection used to express hesitation
un - one. A person
up - away from the ground
us - we together
ut - the syllable once generally used for the first tone or keynote of a scale

we - the plural version of I.
wo - short for woe (trouble)

xi - the 14th letter of the greek alphabet
xu -a Vietnamese monitary unit, a hundredth of a dong

ya - short for you or your
ye - short for you. British.
yo - exclamation used to gain the attention of someone

za - short for pizza


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