Laura Smith smells Ammonia at Banker's Life

On July 8th, 2004, Laura Smith wrote from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Dear Rob,
I'm recently unemployed and have been searching for a job with little luck.  It seems that there is nothing to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma other than pipe fitting and the occasional stint at McDonalds.  I've registered my resume with several legitimate job search engines, only to be swamped with pyramid marketing schemes.  I've been pretty good at spotting them from a mile away only because they email me.
But the other night I received a call from a nice Mr. Jamie Aaron Strong.  He spoke with me about how my resume really "wowed" him and that my volunteerism is what initially signaled me out as a person whose lifestyle values reflected those of his company.  I was impressed that he actually read my resume and so stayed on the phone with him to find out about the job.  He worked for Bankers Life and Casualty and was seeking an office person.  Good!  I'm in the administrative field so great!  We scheduled an interview, but he let me know that since he travels so much he could only do it in the evening.  I agreed since I didn't have anything better to do, plus it was a job opportunity so great!  Right?  Wrong!
I arrived last night, resume in hand and dressed professionally for my interview.  As I've been taught I arrived a few minutes early to scope out the building and check out the receptionist.  When I got off the elevator on the 5th floor, I was sure I was interrupting someone's office party.  A lady stood at the banks of elevators requested my resume, checked my name off a list, and told me to enjoy some water or tea and to make myself comfortable.  I chose a seat near the back and noticed that a few people in there looked familiar.  One lady I went to school with a few semesters ago came and sat by me and told me her tale.  Mr. Strong called her a week or so ago and told her that they had an HR position available.  She and I talked for a few minutes and agreed that maybe this was like a mini job fair for a new office or something similar.
Anyways, to make a long story short...  Mr. Strong's assistant wound up giving us a pep talk and then Mr. Strong came into the room and tried to sell us these sales positions.  They wanted us to sale Life Insurance to retirees.  They had no administrative positions or HR positions.  That was the scam that brought us there! 
Finally I had enough and waited until he was taking a sip of water to stand up and ask him if he intended on hiring anyone for anything other than sales.  He smiled the most condescending smile at me and explained in a puppy voice that no one can turn down the opportunity to make $60,000 in their first year.  I told him I could, and then remembered your advice and sniffed a few times and asked the group if they smelled ammonia.  I know it wasn't very suave, but 3 people left with me.
In the lobby, I stopped at the security desk and the officer there let me know that Bankers Life has these meetings about once a week.  While I stood there talking 2 more ladies came down and talked with me for a while.  They too had been contacted by Mr. Strong and informed that they were being recruited for jobs in their field of expertise. 
I was shocked and upset.  I felt that I had wasted my time and effort only to be disappointed.  At home I looked them up online and found that this is the Banker's Life way.
I know it was a long story, but I'd like to say thanks for giving me a way out.  If I had not read your story, I might have gotten sucked into the whole scam and spent lots of time on a worthless company.  Thank you for putting that information out there for everyone to see.
Laura Smith

I could kiss you Laura! That is awesome! 

Not exactly how I imagined the ammonia line being used, but wonderful nevertheless!  

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