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Easy, Illustrated Instructions on How to untwist a seatbelt

A twisted seatbelt is pretty easy to fix. It doesn’t require a wrench, or removing the spool inside the door. All you have to do is slip the twist back through the sliding metal buckle.

What is twisted?
The sliding metal buckle on a seatbelt can get turned around to the backside of the belt. When this happens, the belt below the buckle and above the buckle will have a twist when you latch the seatbelt. When you unbuckle the seatbelt, the belt will retract to its resting place, where the buckle will be backwards, facing the wall instead of the passenger.

To fix this problem, you should force the twist back through the slit in the buckle.

This is accomplished by folding the belt in half lengthwise, not exactly into halves, but so that a twist is flattened along a 12-inch section of the belt. The difficult step in this operation is forcing that first inch of folded belt through the buckle.

The slit in the buckle is designed to slide easily, but to be thin enough that a folded belt doesn't slip through the slit in normal operation (which is probably how your twist happened in the first place).

Once the first double-thick section of belt is into the buckle, continue sliding the buckle along the folded section. Your goal is to have the buckle transverse the fold and slide off of the folded section to the other section, which is the correct side of the belt.

Once the buckle is past the twisted section, you are done. The twist should be undone and the buckle should be facing the correct direction once again.

On the other hand, you may have just added a second twist.

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