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Thanks for digging on this one -- work at home web sites. They are actually advertising on Monster.com now. My friend sent my wife a link about it. I can't believe that anyone would be willing to pay money to learn about a job. What a joke. 

I'm writing to tell you that when I did a google on "Global Online Systems Family" that I did not hit your site. I eventually found it by reducing the words in the search. Just wanted to mention that if you add the phrase above, then you will be one of three google hits and the odds of more people finding your site will be increased.

At any rate, I will be forwarding your URL to several of my friends just for the fun of it.

Thanks again...

PS, did you eat at the taco place? 


Hey Rob, maybe you should GET A LIFE!!! If you had any success with your life, you wouldn't go out of your way to create websites talking shit about work from home opportunities. People like you need to get off there ass and do something with their life. It's people like you, who can't succeed, so you downplay others success. It is SAD that people like yourself exist in the world. P.S. I made 32,000 last month RESIDUAL. Have a nice life LOSER. Butch (another fake name for you asshole)!!!


I like how he capitalized RESIDUAL.

Not all the letters I get from herbalife distributors are like the one above. Some are considerate and constructive.

I'm not sure if you have received the latest hidden name. Anyway it is called The Next Step home business systems, the web site I got suckered by was worldwidesys.com or globalglo.com. I was unfortunate enough not to find your web site before I spent the money. I will however be requesting a full refund because the products have not been shipped to me.

Thanks for doing the research.



Just wanted to thank you for the incredible amount of work you've done in exposing this horrible scam.

I'm unemployed at the moment, and with few prospects, I clicked on the Global Online Systems link. The red flags were ready, but I thought 'what's the harm in looking into it'. They kept talking about "consumable products", things we always run out of and need to buy more of. They didn't (wouldn't) say a word about what you would be selling from home, and the cost of the "decision kit" is $39.95.

My instincts were screaming, and so I did a Google on Global Online Systems. Your investigative series was on the first page of results. I was amazed the GOS (including their "professional" looking site) was of all things Herbalife. I couldn't get over the amount of work you did to get this info out.

It's hard to believe these kinds of tactics are legal, and it really breaks my heart how this corporation is taking advantage of people, and what their tactics are doing to the environment.

Your hard work saved me from trying to figure out what GOS was really distributing, and it probably would cost me at least $39.95 to find out from them.

Thank you so much!

Betsy Leland

PS: Oh! thank you for including the link to the 1971 commercial!! Can't wait to see it again, has always been my favorite, and has really had an impact on me.


Hello Rob! about two days ago I was searching on Monster.com for a job and I entered the keyword "Information Systems Analyst". I am currently in college majoring in Computer Information Systems. As I clicked search I saw many ads with the same info. about working from home and making $500.00 - $2000.00 and about being your own boss. So, I clicked on it and the name of it was Global Online Systems. I read through everything and through convincing success stories and I decided to give it a try for $38.00 plus shipping and handling. I ordered it with my VISA check card. Today I logged on to Monster.com to help my friend find a job. She is trying to get an accounting job so I put accounting in the keyword and the same ads came up and that's when I decided to find out who was Global Online Systems. So I went to google.com and put Global Online Systems and that's where I found your article that made me realize what it really was. I have seen those signs posted on telephone polls but

I did not think this would be the same thing. Now that I have read your article I was wondering what to do. I read that you had 90 days to get your money back. I definately want my money back. As soon as that product gets to my house I would like to return it.

So my question is if you think I can get my money back? I am so happy I read your story because I am sure you saved me money I don't have.

I appreciate you writing back.

Hi there... 
I am SO grateful I came upon your site. I am pretty skeptical and not very trusting when it comes to "get rich quick" schemes...but as a mom of two working full time for a man who degrades me daily - not to mention that I'm trying to get my own desktop publishing business up and running - I've been looking for a "part time" job - or a "work from home' opportunity - hence, I looked into and even spent $39.95 on the "Online Global Systems" introductory package. I found out about it through my enrollment with "Monsterjobs.com" and I have to say that I'm mortified that my money has gone to them AND that Monsterjobs is allowing these folks to scam college graduates like me into their schemes. 
So kudos to you - I'd be happy to aid in your quest to get these folks to stop their scam...and I've already asked for my money back (yea, right) and threatened to report their scam (after printing page after page of their scam out!) to the better business bureau! (not like it would make any difference...) 

Love and Peace, 
Lisa Cote 
There are the 44 letters, plus that funny one above.

I printed them out and mailed them to Monster HQ on Saturday. 

I know this wasn't particularly entertaining, but I think it is important to have these online.

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